Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Jameson The Little Helper

Jameson is a very active little boy, but he is also very helpful. If he seems something that needs to be done, he does it. He takes clothes to the laundry, helps unload the dishwasher, helps sweep, pick up toys, and hand me things he thinks I will need. He is a go getter. I love watching him just start helping or getting somebody something he thinks they will need.

Jameson has realy taken to Jada. Jada loves mothering him. She likes to get him dressed, put on his shoes, hold his hand, and take him out side. She shows him all the little creatures she finds and loves pushing him on the swing. Whenever we walk to the post office, Jameson does not want to hold my hand, but he will happily hold Jada's hand.  

Jameson loves giving kisses and giving hugs. He will not be left out if he see someone getting a hug or kiss. He is so sweet that way. He is also very giggly. It does not take much to get him going. He is probably the easiest to get to giggle. He also loves playing peek a boo with Grandma over FaceTime. He will hide his little head, pop up, and say boo. Grandma will then act scared, at which point Jameson will cover his mouth with his little hands and start laughing. It is so cute to watch.

 Jameson usually wakes up between five and six and doesn't stop until noon. He then wakes up at about two and continues on until seven. So far he has been the easiest to put down at night at this age. If he even hears me metion that I'm getting ready to put him to bed, he start waving at everybody saying nigh nigh. He then proceeds to the bedroom to wait for me. I will lay down with him on the bottom buck for a bit, then move him to the crib. I could probably put him directly into the crib, but I like the quiet time with him.

For Juliet's birthday, we got her a toy cat that meows and moves it's feet. Jameson has staked claim to that cat. He sleeps with it and carries it around with him. We are probably going to have to purchase another one for Juliet. It's the only toy he really likes. 

Jameson definitely keeps me on my toes!

Juliet The Peacemaker

I think the reason Jada and Juliet get along so well is because of their personalities. If we had two girls with Jada's personality, the fighting would never end. Juliet is very easygoing. She doesn't mind sharing, even if it means everybody else gets a bunch of toys, and she only gets one. She is up for playing whenever the other kids want to play, and whatever they want to play. Well except for Jameson, he is too wild for her. I really have to watch because the older two kids, or they will take advantage of her generosity. She will occasionally be selfish with the toys, but it's not often, and I can understand where she is coming from.
I love that even as she gets older she still likes to snuggle. She is my little snuggle bug.
I also love when she goes to throw food out to the chickens and ducks she yells, "Here Duckens!"
Last week as Josiah was getting ready to go hunting and getting dressed in his camo, Juliet's pipes up and says that she wants to wear and "Elk" hat too. What she meant was she wanted a camo hat too!

When her Auntie Seana heard about her wanting an "Elk" hat, she went out and bought her some "Elk" clothes. It was so sweet.

Jada the Big Sister

I'm sure sure what happened, but while Josiah was gone hunting last week Jada took on a new role. It was almost like she took over Josiah's role, if that makes sense. Usually Josiah is the first to start his chores and ready to work. It's like pulling teeth to get Jada to do her chores. However, last week she did her chores, happily I might add, and did extra with out me asking. She would make toast and sandwiches for the little ones, which she thoroughly enjoyed and asked to do. She has really taken to Jameson. She wants to help him get dressed, take him outside, and play with him.  Even since Josiah has been home, she is still helping out happily.

Josiah vs Hunting

Last week Josiah got to go hunting with his dad! He had been looking forward to hunting all year. He got to go last year, but only a few times. This year he was able to go a lot. He would wake up at 4:30 in the morning ready to go. Sometimes they wouldn't get home until after 9:00. They would come home at noon, so he could take a nap though, and then go back. Sometimes he would go out just in the morning, and sometimes he would go out just in the afternoon. He loved being with Dad!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

15 Week Update

I'm a little late with this update considering I will be 16 weeks on Tuesday. The Friday before last Jada came down with a fever.  We had a hard time keeping the fever down. We never could get it to break, even switching between ibuprofen and Tylenol.  She also developed a sore throat, a headache, and lack of appetite. There were no other cold symptoms. I took her in to see the Dr. that next Tuesday. Her glands were swollen and she had white on her tonsils. He did a strep test, and it came out negative. So we went home with the diagnosis of Viral Pharyngitis. Her fever didn't break until that Friday, at which point she still couldn't eat much, because now her throat, mouth and gums hurt. Her gums were super swollen, she had bad breath, and when I looked, she had sores in her mouth.  All the symptoms pointed towards a first cold sore. That would make sense as to why the fever lasted so long. I think part of the fever was from the pharyngitis, and part of it was from the cold sore. First cold sores are really painful for the child, it's not like a sore one would get on their lip. It affects the entire mouth and can cause high grade fevers. :( Today the swelling in her gums have gone down quite a bit, and the sores in her mouth are looking better. It's still painful for her to eat certain foods, but it's getting better. Poor girl. Nobody else is showing any symptoms like Jada had. 

On Friday I had a prenatal appointment and ultrasound. Everything looks good and the sub chorionic hemorrhage is completely gone. This whole first part of the pregnancy I really felt like I was carrying a girl (I think maybe it was wishful thinking, only because girls are easier for me to deliver). The technition was able to tell right away that we are having a boy! The girls are now outnumbered! Poor Jada was really looking forward to a girl. She took it well though. We were planning on naming him Jackson Lee, but we heard that a lot of people are naming their boys Jackson. So we may change the first name to something else. This little guy is going to fit in just perfectly. We are all super excited!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

A Brother's Love

Last night at dinner Jada was acting really sick.  I took her temperature, and sure enough she had a fever. I told her to go lay down on the couch and that I would be there in a second. I went to her room to get her blanket and out comes Josiah with her blanket and pillow. He also got her stuffed animals and water. Then he sat down next to her to read her a story. :) It was so thoughtful and sweet.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

14 Week Pregnancy Update

When this picture was taken I was just starting to suspect I might be pregnant.

I made it to the second trimester! The nausea is much better now. My uterus has grown very quickly with this pregnancy. I actually started to show very early.  For some reason the aches and pains have already started. I'm not sure if it's because this is my fifth pregnancy, or if it's because I'm getting older. I'm hoping a trip to the chiropractor will fix it though. :) At my last prenatal appointment I had an ultrasound done. Everything looked good except for a sub chorionic hemorrhage they found. It measured 3.8 x 2.2 x 3.2 cm. The midwife wasn't worried about it at all, in fact she barely mentioned it. We just need to make sure it has resolved, so I am scheduled for another ultrasound next week.

 I can't express enough how excited Jada is. She really, really wants the baby to be a girl. She is always picking things out for the baby and talking about the baby. She talks about how she will teach the baby things and hold the baby. She is ready for the baby to be here now! 

School is in full swing right now. Josiah is doing well. His best subject is math. We sometimes have meltdowns over reading, so instead of pushing him I decided to go back a few lights units. I'm glad I did. Everything is flowing better now.  I'm hoping to get our schedule posted soon. I would be such a mess with out a schedule. 

Jada does her KII curriculum whenever she asks. After the baby comes I will start working with her everyday on the KII curriculum. 

Juliet and Jameson get to play a lot. They also join us at circle time which is mostly geared towards them anyway. 

We have been gathering lots of vegetables out of the garden to eat at dinner. The other night we picked 17 ears of corn, and let me tell you that was not enough. They LOVE corn! Now I'm wishing I would have planted more. We had a nice summer this year, and right now is my most favorite time of year!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Josiah vs The Loose Tooth

Recently Josiah developed his first loose tooth. We watch as it became more and more wiggly. We were wondering just when it was going to come out. Justin tried to convince Josiah to let him pull it, but Josiah didn't think that was a good idea. While we were outside watching the kids play, Josiah rode his bike over a ramp he built. He crashed upon landing. We saw him sitting there looking at the ground, but he wasn't crying so we decided to give him a minute. I watched as he started scratching around in the dirt. Finally he got up and came over to me. I told him that I though he should take a little break, but he didn't say anything he just stood there. I looked closely and realized he had a little blood in his mouth, and then saw he had his hand extended towrd me with something in it. I realized he had finally lost his tooth! His tooth was all covered in dirt, but he had found it all by himself! When he crashed, his chin hit his handle bar causing his tooth to come out.  We were all very excited for him!

Jada vs The Lizard

Jada loves loves loves little creatures. She has quite the bug collection. She loves catching horned toads! She has been trying all summer to catch a lizard. Those creature are hard to catch! Well she kept at it, and finally caught one. She was so excited, and I was so happy for her! 
You can see the baby lizard here on her shirt.

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