Friday, January 16, 2015

Jameson Turns Two!

Jameson makes life very exciting. He is smart and very active. He just has to watch you do something once and he is ready to try it himself. He will keep trying until he succeds. It is dangerous to underestimate him.
Last week I walked into our room to find Jameson up on our dresser frantically shoving Tums into his mouth. Not only were his little cheeks stuffed full, but he also had a hand full. Poison control assured me he would be fine, right after chuckling about what happened. 
He loves to vacccum. Our big vacuum was just too big for him so we got him a smaller vacccum for his birthday. He loves it! He is such a little helper. He is still similar to Josiah in that aspect. He is still not talking yet, but he is smart! He keeps us busy and entertained. 

He let Josiah dress him!

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Birds, Bugs and Babies - Happy Birthday Jada!!!

Jada is turning five this year! How time flies. 
Birds, bugs, and babies are three of Jada's favorite things. I might add that she also loves cats. I always think she is older than she really is, because she acts so much older. When she was really tiny she was talking in sentences and potty trained at 15 months. She talked so well I was always forgetting just how young she really was. She is our constant source of entertainment. On our trips into town she is usually serenading us on the way. Some of the things she says is just hilarious, and I always wonder how she come up with it. 

I love the look on Jadas face. Looking at Jameson!

One night, after we put the kids to bed, we were listening to Jada and Juliet throught the monitor. We heard Jada say something to Juliet about protecting the cats from Jameson. Then she tells her if he does get the cat and kills it that it would be OK because, "That's just the way the world goes." 

Poor Juliet must have been horrified. 

When Jada was three, we were riding into town and out of nowhere Jada says, "PU I am stinky!"

Apparently she had tooted. 

Two years ago Josiah walked into our room and told us that someone had written on the mirror with marker, and he thought it was either Jada or Juliet. With out missing a beat Jada exclaims, "Mmmhmmm that's right, it was me!"

At least she was honest about it.

About two years ago, we were in town getting ready to head back home. Back then I would put a pull up on her just in case she fell alseep and had an accident. Anyway we told her we thought she would take a nap on the way back home. She exclaimed, "Oh no, I don't have a pull up on.....well that's awkward!"

It was hilarious.

When I was pregnant with Jameson, my mom came to visit and help out. Jada asked Grandma if she would play with her. Grandma said that she couldn't right now, because she had to keep an eye on Juliet. Jada asked, "Which eye Grandma?"

There are a lot more. Some of which I have forgotten, and some I will keep hidden away in a journal so I don't embarrass her too much. 

Jada loves babies. She asked for a baby that pees and poos for her birthday, so that she can practice changing its diaper. That way she will be ready for Jackson when he comes. She loves babying Jameson and Juliet. She loves picking out clothes for Jameson to wear and then dressing him. 
She loves feeling Jackson move around in my tummy. She is always coming up to my tummy to see if he is awake and moving around. She will also give my tummy kisses and talk to Jackson. It is really sweet.


We love her so much!!! Happy Birthday Jada!!!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

31-32 Week Update

We recieved some more snow! It's always exciting for the kids. It was really cold this time, so they didn't stay out for very long. As usual Jameson did not like the cold and was ready to come in right away. The others stayed out for a bit longer. 

When Jameson and I finally made it outside they were all gathered around the picnic table eating snow!

We also had a visiter. My cousin came to visit us. The kids had a blast with her. They kept her busy reading books and playing hide and seek. It was very nice having her visit. We are looking forward to her next visit.

I will be 32 weeks on Tuesday and am feeling ready to be done with this pregnancy. I am feeling much better than I was. The cough is almost completely gone. I'm so happy to be feeling well again. Besides the vericose veins running a muck on my leg, I'm mostly just feeling exausted. The aches and pains don't feel as bad as they have in previous pregnancies though! 

Thursday, November 27, 2014

28 Week Update

We have been busy preparing for Thanksgiving. We had our annual treasure hunt and special rolls with thankful notes hidden inside. It was a really nice day. It made my heart happy. Everyone had a great time. The kids said their favorite part was the treasure hunt. Justin's favorite part was the nice long nap. My favorite part was when Justin and I were in the kitchen cooking, and the kids were at the table coloring.

I went back to the Dr. The other day. My cough started to worsen again. Not only do I have a cough but my ribs are in some serious pain. I'm only able to sleep in one position. The Dr. prescribed me some more medicine. I have never taken this much medicine in all my pregnancies combined. It really freaks me out. The cough is starting to subside a bit. My ribs are still hurting, but they are not quite as bad. On a good note my back is doing well right now! Jada has been waiting patiently to feel Jackson move. He is most active at night so she hasn't been able to feel him, until the other day. She was so happy to be able to feel him move. It was really sweet.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Snow Day

The kids woke up the other morning to our first snow of the season. They were uncontrollably excited. It took quite a while to finally get all the snow clothes out and separated. Of course some gloves had gone missing. Finally after what probably felt like an eternity to the kids they were all bundled up and ready to go outside. Jameson was not having it. At first he really tried to like it, but the cold was just too uncomfortable. Inside he came. The rest stayed outside building a snow fort and having snowball fights with Dad. They had such a great time. I wish I would have been able to join them, but my lungs still weren't feeling great. So, Jameson and I sat inside the warm house watching everyone.

When Things Don't Go As Planned

It has been a rough few weeks. Out of no where I developed a cough. It seemed innocent enough. Not bad. Then it got worse and worse. I went to the Dr shortly after the cough started, and he prescribed me a few things. However, the cough kept getting worse. Soon I wasn't even able to talk or walk with out having a coughing fit. One night was so bad all I could think was that if this gets any worse I am literally not going to be able to breath. Justin contacted the midwife and Dr. the next morning.  We were able to get a hold of the midwife first. She prescribed us some more things including antibiotics. The next morning was the first morning I actually felt a little better instead of worse. It's been over a week since I've taken the antibiotics and I still feel week and am still trying to shake the cough. That was hands down the sickest I have ever been, not including the times I had my gallbladder and appendix removed. I've had bronchitis before and this was much worse. Justin ended up taking three work days off work, not including weekends, to stay home to take care of the kids and me. When I was finally able to take care of myself, my mother in law took the kids during the day for us. After all this, I am so thankful for my health. I am also thankful no one else got sick.

Other than that, this pregnancy seems to be going well. The heart murmur has started back up, but I'm not having tons of palpitations. It is hard to catch my breath when I go to lay down, but I'm not sure if that's from the cough, the pregnancy or my heart. I'm am just over 27 weeks now. I should have about 11 more weeks left, if I deliver early like I have with all my other pregnancies. I am ready to be done. Although labor is one of my biggest fears.

The kids are doing great. Getting bigger and smarter every day. I just love them so much. I missed them terribly when I was sick. I am glad to be back to taking care of them. Josiah is doing great with school. I'm planning on finishing up first grade before the baby is born. His reading skills are improving more and more everyday. It's very exciting! After the baby arrives, and when I feel up to it, Josiah will start second grade. I will also start Jada on the Learning to Read program from CLE. 

Jada is eager for the baby to arrive. She keeps trying to feel the baby move, but hasn't felt anything yet. Soon though! She likes to talk to him and touch my belly. She loves taking care of Jameson. She thinks it's the greatest when I let her change his diaper and get him dressed. Jameson will often look for her in the mornings, because he know she will play with him. It's so sweet. She use to be really into cats, but now she wants a bird that can talk. I told her when she is twelve she can start saving up for one. 

Juliet is getting more and more excited about the baby. She talks about how she is going to hold him. She assures me she will not let Jameson hold the baby though. Every time I have a Dr. appointment, she asked if I am going to be bringing the baby back. She is our little smiley. She generally has a smile on. She is such a nut, she kills me.

Jameson is getting smarter and more active by the day. If I can't find something, I ask him if he knows where it is at. He can generally find it, only because he watched me or one of the other kids put the item there earlier and remembered. He is still not talking, but he is active and smart. He keeps me on my toes.

She is a nut!

I took my eye off him for one second.

She has a lizard by her neck. She just loves those creatures.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A Little Get Away

A month or so ago we were able to go on a little get away with the kids for a few days. We just went to a city a few hours away. It was a much needed get away. I planned as many fun things as I could, and I think everybody had a lot of fun.

As soon as we got into the city, Justin and I had a few errands we needed to run. As soon as we were done, we headed to the hotel. The excitement was brutal. We managed to get checked in and our many pieces of luggage, and kids hauled up to the room. After we were settled, we headed to Chucky Cheese. This was the kids first time there! We were met by two of the cousins. That was very helpful! We ate the mediocre pizza and were off to play games. A nice gentleman and his son gave us all their tokens when they left. It was a huge amount of tokens, so we ended up not purchasing very many tokens. Between all the tickets the cousins and kids won, each little one was able to get a prize. The kids had a blast!

After a long night at the hotel, next up was the zoo and aquarium. We arrived at the zoo first but ended up taking the train over to the aquarium to view it first. The aquarium was nearly empty. It was so nice. The kids enjoyed looking at all the different exhibits. We went ahead and ate lunch there before heading back to the zoo on the train.

By the time we arrived back at the zoo, I was starting to loose steam. I know the kids were too.  We may have skipped a few exhibits. We made sure to view all the kids favorites though. After touring the zoo, we piled into the car and drove around a bit until dinner time. All the kids fell asleep right away. I may have too. We met up with Auntie and the cousins for dinner, then headed back to the hotel for another long night.

The next morning we headed to a fun place that had tons of harvest activities for the kids. We again met up with Auntie and the cousins. It always more fun when Auntie is there.  I will say the rest in pictures.
We had a really nice time!

I really thought I took more photos than I did, so these will just have to work.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Jameson The Little Helper

Jameson is a very active little boy, but he is also very helpful. If he seems something that needs to be done, he does it. He takes clothes to the laundry, helps unload the dishwasher, helps sweep, pick up toys, and hand me things he thinks I will need. He is a go getter. I love watching him just start helping or getting somebody something he thinks they will need.

Jameson has realy taken to Jada. Jada loves mothering him. She likes to get him dressed, put on his shoes, hold his hand, and take him out side. She shows him all the little creatures she finds and loves pushing him on the swing. Whenever we walk to the post office, Jameson does not want to hold my hand, but he will happily hold Jada's hand.  

Jameson loves giving kisses and giving hugs. He will not be left out if he see someone getting a hug or kiss. He is so sweet that way. He is also very giggly. It does not take much to get him going. He is probably the easiest to get to giggle. He also loves playing peek a boo with Grandma over FaceTime. He will hide his little head, pop up, and say boo. Grandma will then act scared, at which point Jameson will cover his mouth with his little hands and start laughing. It is so cute to watch.

 Jameson usually wakes up between five and six and doesn't stop until noon. He then wakes up at about two and continues on until seven. So far he has been the easiest to put down at night at this age. If he even hears me metion that I'm getting ready to put him to bed, he start waving at everybody saying nigh nigh. He then proceeds to the bedroom to wait for me. I will lay down with him on the bottom buck for a bit, then move him to the crib. I could probably put him directly into the crib, but I like the quiet time with him.

For Juliet's birthday, we got her a toy cat that meows and moves it's feet. Jameson has staked claim to that cat. He sleeps with it and carries it around with him. We are probably going to have to purchase another one for Juliet. It's the only toy he really likes. 

Jameson definitely keeps me on my toes!

Juliet The Peacemaker

I think the reason Jada and Juliet get along so well is because of their personalities. If we had two girls with Jada's personality, the fighting would never end. Juliet is very easygoing. She doesn't mind sharing, even if it means everybody else gets a bunch of toys, and she only gets one. She is up for playing whenever the other kids want to play, and whatever they want to play. Well except for Jameson, he is too wild for her. I really have to watch because the older two kids, or they will take advantage of her generosity. She will occasionally be selfish with the toys, but it's not often, and I can understand where she is coming from.
I love that even as she gets older she still likes to snuggle. She is my little snuggle bug.
I also love when she goes to throw food out to the chickens and ducks she yells, "Here Duckens!"
Last week as Josiah was getting ready to go hunting and getting dressed in his camo, Juliet's pipes up and says that she wants to wear and "Elk" hat too. What she meant was she wanted a camo hat too!

When her Auntie Seana heard about her wanting an "Elk" hat, she went out and bought her some "Elk" clothes. It was so sweet.
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