Tuesday, September 26, 2017

September Fun

     Wow! It has been a long time since I have posted any updates. It's a shame too, because I love looking back at all the old posts. I thought since September was such a busy month, I should start there!
     We started off the month running! School was in full swing and we needed to get ready for Pie Festival. This was our first year running the kids games. We helped make and bake pies. Then, we helped with a fundraiser the night before Pie Festival.
                    (Photo credit: Kelly Gatlin)
The day of Pie festival was a whirlwind! Josiah started us out by running in the Pi-K (3.14 miles). He did an amazing job.  He ran it on 32 minutes. This was his first time running that distance all at once! Next year we are going to train for it.
    Next up were the Kids Games. Jada got first in every game for her age group. Also, Juliet and Jada placed first in the three legged race. They had been practing for that for months. They did amazing.
     We ended the day with dinner at the festival. It was a long day and a lot of preparation, but it all went well!  
     This month we also started meeting a group of other kids at the park. Our first meeting was a huge success! We have one more meeting before the end of the month.
     We took our annual vacation this month too! We visited The Museum of Natural History, Planetarium, Zoo, Aquarium, Bugarium, Chucky Cheese, and McCalls Pumkin Patch! It was a jammed packed weekend, but we had a blast! The kids are getting old enough now that these trips are becoming easier!

      We are expecting baby Love Birds at the very end of this month! We should start seeing them hatch the very last two days of September!

     Phew! September is a very busy month!


Monday, June 19, 2017

Update on Juliet's Chalazion

A picture of the scarring left behind from the  chalazion. We are hoping it fades completely. It's already faded significantly.

Juliet struggled with the chalazion for over a year. If I could do it over again, I would have asked to have it lanced. She now has scarring from it.   We have since found a new eye dr.  She has also been diagnosed with blepharitis in that eye. 
We have had more chalazions and styes develop on that eye lid but have been able to control them with hot compresses and cleaning her eye lids.  These wipes have been a life saver https://www.amazon.com/OCuSOFT-Scrub-Plus-Pre-Moistened-Count/dp/B000US084U/ref=sr_1_4_a_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1489930810&sr=8-4&keywords=eyelid+cleanser
They are so much easier to use than baby shampoo and water. They really help keep the chalazion and styes at bay. One other thing the eye doctor recommended to help with the chalazion was fish oil. Hopefully, we won't have any more big ones like we have in the past. 

Click here to see Juliet's Chalazion

Monday, June 20, 2016

So Sweet

When I went to check on the kids I saw Josiah teaching Juliet how to ride without training wheels. Then when he came inside he said, "Did you see how well Juliet is doing? She made it all the way to the wagon!"💕

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Juliet vs The Chalazion

Juliet gets stys frequently. As of right now she is four years old.  She has had one chalazion prior to the one she has now. They have always gone away on their own and have never been that painful. This chalazion  just kept growing and became very painful. We ended up taking her to the eye dr after about three weeks. Mainly because it was so painful. He gave her two different antibiotics. One topical and one oral. The chalazion is finally starting to shrink. It did end up rupturing, but not a lot came out. I was hoping that if it did rupture, it would all drain out at once. That was not the case. Hopefully it will get better soon. We take her back in a month.

This is the progression of the chalazion so far. 

Here are some more pictures. 

Click here to see update

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Sweet Siblings

Jackson loves Jada, and Jada is so sweet with Jackson. She loves holding him and "mothering" him.

Monday, March 14, 2016


In our house everyone has their own cup with their name on it. Jameson has been drinking out of everyone else's cup, because he doesn't want to wait for someone to fill his cup or try to fill it himself. Well that makes everyone mad. Nobody wants him drinking out of their cup. Anyway, for the past few days, Josiah kept complaining that all the water was gone from his cup, and  he couldn't figure out where it was going since he never saw anyone drink from it. Well, yesterday I saw Jameson take everybody's cup and pour their water into his cup, so technically he wasn't drinking out of their cups. Funny boy!

He does have marker all over his face, I guess he got bored during nap yesterday. It's a painstaking process to get it off since his eyes and face are so sensitive.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Juliet vs A Rock

 All the kids were in bed for the night, when I heard some commotion coming from the girls' room. When I arrived at their room, Juliet was crying. I told them they needed to be quiet. Just then Juliet yelled, "There's a rock in my nose!"
I had her get out of bed and blow her nose. Nothing came out and it made her cry more causing her to suck more air up her nose making the rock go further up her nose. I texted Justin, he was still at work, and explained the situation. He said he was just leaving the job site. It would be a bit before he arrived home.
 I had Juliet lay down so I could look and see if I even saw a rock. I grabbed a flashlight and sure enough I could barely see it. It was way up there. I was now worried we might have to take her to the ER. I had her her blow her nose again with me holding the clear nostril shut so all the air would go out the blocked nostril. She really freaked out. She cried and said that it hurt. By now all the kids were out of bed trying to "help" the situation. I had them start a movie for her so we could calm her down. Once she was calm, I had her blow her nose again while I held her clear nostril shut. Still nothing. I told her to blow again and again until finally it flew out! Phew! Hopefully she never tries that again. 

Sunday, February 21, 2016

A Day in the Life...

I decided last night I was going to do another post on a day in our lives. These posts are mainly for me to remember how life was. I really enjoy going back and reading the previous ones. I had no idea it was going to be a long night which will change up our day a bit.

2:00 am Jackson starts to fuss. He fusses on and off for about an hour.
3:00 am Jackson's on an off fussing turns into a full blow cry. I wait a few minutes. I hope maybe he will settle down. He doesn't so I go in there to nurse him. 
3:30 I finish nursing and lay him back down. He fusses a bit, but settles down.
4:00 am. The heater kicks on, and Jackson starts crying.  I bring him to our room and let him sleep with us.
4:15 I nurse him to sleep. I'm finally able to fall asleep. 
4:30 He wakes up again crying. I get him back to sleep.
5:00am He wakes again. I get him back to sleep and decide I will not to go back to sleep. 
5:30 He wakes again crying. I nurse him and get him back to sleep. I'm tired. 
6:00 He starts fussing again so I get up, get him dressed and go out to the kitchen. Oddly enough none of the others are awake. I think his tummy is upset and constipated so I try to get him a sippy cup of undiluted apple juice.  I end up putting the wrong lid on the sippy cup and spill it everywhere. Jackson won't let me put him down. I find the right sippy cup and start over, after I get the sippy cup ready, I offer it to him and he rejects it. The reason I believe he is constipated is because I went to change his diaper during  one of the times he was a wake and found the "evidence".

6:15 I see that the coffee hasn't started yet, so I push start and start making my oatmeal. Then I start to prep for the kids breakfast. During this time, Josiah and Jada wake up. Jada is in a great mood and holds Jackson for me so I can finish getting everybody breakfast. She is really good with him. Now Juliet is awake.
6:30 Jameson wakes up. He immediately starts crying saying, "My head, my head." I asked him if he want to eat and get him some breakfast. This makes him feel better. Everyone else has finished eating and wants to watch a movie. I give in and let them.  Jackson  finally lets me put him down and eats a baby rice cracker. I eat my breakfast.
6:45 I make Justin's breakfast.
7:00 I take Justin his breakfast and sit and talk to him. I give Jackson some apple juice.
7:15 I change Jackson's diaper. His tummy should feel better now. Justin starts getting ready for work. I watch Jackson try to snuggle with Jameson. Jameson gives him a hug. 
              Our bed is invaded!

7:20 I get ready for the day.
7:30 I help the younger kids get dressed while the older ones get dressed.
7:40 Josiah starts making Justin's lunch. He loves doing this. I help Justin finish getting ready and check his lunch to make sure everything is in there.
7:45 I go to start Justin's truck and see that one of the dogs got into the trash outside. Thankfully It's not that bad. I pick that up and start the truck. 
7:50 Justin prepares to leave for work and I start straightening up the house. Jackson is very fussy now.
8:00 Justin leaves for work. I have the kids pick up the living room while I nurse Jackson.
8:10 Jackson finishes nursing and seems to be in a better mood. I clear off the table and get things ready to start school.
The kids finish up the living room and Josiah helps me unload dishwasher.
8:30 We start Bible and go over rules and what we are doing today.
8:45 Start school with Jada and Josiah.

Writing a letter to our dear friend.

9:25 Snack and walk.

Finally fell asleep during our walk.

10:00 Continue school
10:30 Realize I forgot to put on my Fitbit. Bummer!
10:45 We take a break. I let everyone go outside. Jada wants me to video her riding her bike down the steps. Let's just say, it doesn't end well.

11:00 I start lunch.
11:30 Finish eating and nap time. We are having an early nap, because I am tired. Josiah and Jada will finish up their school work during this time. Jameson ends up being the only one to take a nap.
1:00pm Somebody wakes up Jameson. Everybody is hungry.
1:15 Time for chores.
1:45 Kids play and I finish cleaning up.
2:15 We start our Butterfly Garden.
Their finished Butterfly Garden. Everyone got their own specific flower seeds to plant.
2:45 Everyone goes back to playing. I nurse Jackson and finish cleaning up.
3:00 Everyone is hungry again. I throw some Cheerios out for them.
3:25 I run out and grab some kindling and start a small fire. It's starting to get chilly in the house. I go ahead and let the kids watch a movie. I'm not going to lie, I'm tired today.
3:40 Jackson is super fussy. I nurse him and get him to sleep.
4:00 Start dinner. Josiah requested goulash. The kids go and play K'nex together.
4:30 Jackson is awake and crying. I quickly get the kids plates dished up and 
walk with Jackson. I think he is tired.
4:45 Just as I get Jackson happy someone throws a bean bag at another and mass chaos breaks out. Finally things settle down, but now Jackson is unhappy again.
5:00 Is it time for bed yet? 
5:25 Juliet practices on the piano. This actually helps make Jackson happy. Jameson decides he need to "practice" too. He sings us songs and plays random keys. Jackson loves it.
5:40 I switch laundry and lay out pajamas for the ones that need it. The kids are playing Hide and Seek.
6:00 I start getting Jackson ready for bed. Then I walk around with him and give him some food to keep him happy until Justin gets home.
6:35 Justin arrives home. I nurse Jackson and put him to sleep. This take a lot longer than usual. He wakes up a few times. 
7:10 I am finally able to sneak out of his room.
7:15 Start getting the others in bed.
7:30 Everyone is in bed.
7:45 We think about installing a revolving door to our room as the kids trickle in and out with various "problems".
8:15 All the kids are asleep. Phew. 
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