Wednesday, October 31, 2012

2:00 am

What was that?  Was that screaming I heard?  Something definitely fell.  Wait, now I hear some sort of humming noise.  Is one of the kids sleep walking?  What is all that ruckus? 
It's 2:00, am and I happen to hear something fall, most likely a book off Josiah's bed, that's not unusual.  What is unusual is I hear some humming coming from the kitchen or living room.  It's not coming through the baby monitor.  So I wake Justin up and tell him I am hearing strange noises.  (Again it's 2:00 am I am not thinking clearly, so my mind goes to the worst, someone is trying to break in.)
We get up,  I go to check on Juliet first, while Justin checks the living room and kitchen.  Juliet  is sound asleep.  I move on to Josiah and Jada.  I walk into their room fully expecting to see one of them  out of bed.  Nope, both in bed sound asleep.  HMMMM, that's weird.  Was I in such deep sleep that I was dreaming the noises?  I go back out to the living room, embarrassed that I woke Justin up.  When I get back to the living room, Justin says all he sees is a cow elk out by the car.  We turn to head back to bed when I hear the humming sound.  It was the cow elk talking!  Then we climb back in bed, and we hear the bull elk bugle, there's the screaming sound I heard.  There were some cow elk and a bull elk walking around right outside our house, making a ruckus. Now it's 3:30 am and I'm wide awake. 

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