Saturday, October 20, 2012

Jada Part Two

     Twelve months after the hospital stay, Jada fell off the couch.  She immediately started to cry, but when I held her I noticed she was shaking.  A little while later, I noticed she was guarding her arm a bit.  I called my mother-in-law over to help assess the situation.  She recommended I take her in to the ER, I agreed.  So we packed up the kids and headed to the ER.  She ended up having a fractured arm.  It seemed a little odd to me that she actually broke it, but the ER doctors said it happens all the time.  So, I shoved that feeling aside.
     Three weeks later Josiah and Jada were playing in their room.  I heard crying so I went to check on them.  Jada was standing there crying, so I picked her up and immediately noticed she was shaking again.  I calmed her down, and set her down on the floor.  When she started walking I noticed she was guarding her other arm.  I thought no way could she have broke her other arm.  We took her back to the ER, and sure enough she broke her other arm.   I remember standing there crying thinking how could this happen. Then the ER doctors sat us down. I thought, "Oh no they think we are beating her."  On the contrary, they told us they believed we were good parents and to be ready for rude comments from other people.  Again they told us this sometimes happens to kids. Now I really felt something was wrong.
     The day she got her last cast off she started favoring her shoulder.  So we took her to our amazing family Doctor. Sure enough, she had broken her clavicle.  He ordered some blood work, and when the results came back, we found something was wrong.  Her vitamin D levels were extremely low. She had Rickets. He referred us to a pediatric orthopedist, three hours away. 
When we got to the pediatric specialist's office, they did a full body x-ray. They did this to make sure there were no more broken bones, and to make sure she didn't have any other bone disorders.

     They went ahead and ordered a dex a scan to check for bone density.
The dex a scan results were a little low, so they said they said to retest in six months.

     How did this happen? I started reading trying to figure out what went wrong.
What I found was, sometimes breast fed babies have low vitamin D levels. But this low? I was still breast feeding her, and she was exclusively breast fed until 8 or 9 months.
     Now I believe it's because of all the antibiotics and antiviral medication she had at five weeks that ended up messing up her little system.  I can't be sure, I am not a Dr., but  a lot of signs point that way.
I started supplementing her with vitamin D immediately after we found out her levels were low.  Her vitamin D levels came up, and we haven't had any more broken bones since.

     I wish this was the end of her health issues, but it's not.  Find out more in Part 3.
Jada Part One
Jada Part Three

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