Saturday, October 20, 2012

Josiah's Birth Story

      My whole body ached.  I wondered how I would make it three more weeks, maybe more. I could hardly bend my fingers there was so much swelling in them.  I tried to sleep, but was up every 45 minutes because of the excruciating pain. I wasn't even in labor yet.   I prayed that Josiah would come just as soon as he was ready. I was thankful when morning came.  I got up, went to women's meeting, came home, and laid down.  I had just fallen asleep when I felt a pop in my abdomen.  I thought to myself, "Did my water break, it's too early."  I got up and immediately felt a gush of fluids.  I called my mother in law so she could get a hold of Justin. 

     Meanwhile I started packing my hospital bag.  As my mother in law was trying to get a hold of Justin, she spoke with two different people.  She told them she was trying to get a hold of Justin, because my water broke. They replied, "Oh you don't need to get him, I can run over and fix that."  They were thinking we had a water line break. 

     Justin arrived, and we left for the hospital as soon as I was packed.  Our hospital was an hour and fifteen minutes away, so thankfully the contractions were not too bad, yet.  When we arrived at the hospital the nurses were wonderful.  They were all very sweet and accommodating.  

    After 13 or so hours of laboring, I was ready for the epidural, even though I swore I wouldn't get one.  My midwife suggested we wait until I was 6 cm.  I reluctantly agreed. In the meantime she gave me some benadryl and fentanyl.  (I didn't feel like it did anything!)   After about an hour I was 6 cm and ready for the epidural. 

     Now, apparently the fentanyl did do something, because I was a little confused as to what was going on. As I watch them bring different tools and equipment in to the room, I thought to myself, "They must be getting things ready for the epidural. Why are they taking so long?"  (What I didn't realize is that I went from 6 cm to 10 cm in less than an hour.)
Then they hit me with it.  Justin looked at me and said, "You're not going to be able to get the epidural, you are too far along."   That's when I started to cry.  I told everybody that I couldn't do this, and I needed the epidural.  They assured me I could, and I couldn't get the epidural now.

     So now the horrid pushing began.  I pushed, and I pushed, and I pushed.  I wanted to give up, the pain was too intense, and I was exhausted.  Finally the midwife said,  "You have to push harder."  So I mustered up the strength and energy to push even harder.   As I pushed I felt my insides ripping. 

     Finally 17 hours after my water broke, Josiah was born. He came out with his arm up around his neck, which made the pushing a lot harder. He was 7 pounds 7 ounces and 19 inches long.  They put him on my chest, and I thought, "He is so chunky, but the cutest baby I have ever seen."  At that moment I thought the hard part was over, I was wrong.  Now I was bleeding, and the midwife had to find where it was coming from.   So up the birth canal she went to try and find the bleeding.  Finally, after what seemed like ages, she found it.  There were three places in the birth canal that needed stitching. One of which was an arterial tear. She was able to get me stitched up fairly quickly, after she found where the bleeding was coming from.

This labor and delivery was by far the worst physical pain I have ever felt.
This was also the worse pregnancy, delivery, and recovery of all my births, but also the most exciting.

     On a side note,  please listen to your body.  This was my first pregnancy, and I didn't realize what I was feeling wasn't normal.  I was very swollen and in excruciating pain.  I really didn't tell anybody how bad I was feeling.  I thought maybe this was normal, and I was being a wimp about it.  When I got to the hospital they were very concerned about pre-eclampsia.

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