Saturday, October 20, 2012

Juliet's Birth Story

If only they could have all been like this.

     When I went to my prenatal appointment that morning, I had the midwife check me.  She suggested, since I looked like I would go into labor soon, we strip my membranes (do not confuse this with breaking the membranes).  That way, I could already be in town when labor started. If in fact striping my membranes helped start the process. 

      I called Justin to meet me in town, and we got a hotel.  Meanwhile, I had been feeling pretty crampy but nothing significant.  At about 5:00 I told Justin I thought I was in labor and we should head to the hospital.  When we got there, they confirmed I was in fact, in labor. There weren't any rooms open for me, so I stayed in the triage room and actually fell asleep.  Yes, I can't believe it either.

     Finally a room opened up, and I decided to have my water broke. The midwife broke my water.  She then told me she was going to grab something to eat, but would be back later.
The contractions grew stronger and stronger.  After about two hours of contractions, my body started pushing.  I told Justin to get the nurses. A nurse came in to check me.  She told me I was only 6 cm.  I told her, no my body is pushing.   She smiled and said, "Yeah, you're feeling a lotta pressure, huh".  Then she left the room.   Two contractions later my body pushed so hard I couldn't stop it.  The nurses must have heard me moan, because they came running in. When they checked me Juliet was already crowning.  My body pushed again, and out came her head.  At this point they told me to stop pushing. I told them I am not.  Then my body pushed one last time, and there she was.  Nobody caught her, the bed did that job.  I was able to see her being born, because of the position I was in.  It happened so fast, they couldn't make me get into the standard pushing position.  My midwife got there just in time to deliver the placenta.  The nurse who checked me promised I was only 6 cm when she checked. Juliet was six pounds one ounce and 19 inches. I think the worst part was the contractions I had after Juliet was born.

     Easiest birth yet.  Maybe I will get to have another birth like this one.

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