Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Flip Cloth Diapers

Juliet - 15 1/2 months
w/Stay Dry insert
Juliet - 6 weeks, same Flip Cover
w/Infant Stay Dry Insert
One of my favorite cloth diaper covers is the Flip diaper. This system is also known as a hybrid system.  You can use the Flip diaper cover with the Stay Dry insert, the organic cotton insert, disposable insert, or really whatever insert you want. With the Stay Dry insert you can fold it down to make it smaller, but I find it too bulky when I do that. I do have a Flip organic cotton prefold that is nice, but WAY too bulky. I would suggest using that at night, because not only are they extremely absorbent, they are the softest prefold I have come across. I prefer stay dry type diapers vs. cotton. If you don't want synthetic fibers touching your baby's bottom, then you will want to go with the Flip cotton prefold. I have not used the disposable inserts so I can't tell you my opinion on those. Also, just in case anybody is wondering, the smooth side of the Flip Stay Dry Insert goes towards baby.

Inside of Flip and Flip Stay Dry Insert

Flip Infant Stay Dry vs. Flip Stay Dry Insert

Flip Stay Dry Insert vs. Flip Prefold

Flip Stay Dry Insert vs. Flip Prefold

Flip Stay Dry vs. Flip Prefold



  1. The kids are adorable! We use the flip cloth diapers and like them a lot. We use the stay dry inserts.

    1. Awe, thank you! We love the stay dry inserts!


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