Thursday, November 8, 2012

Meet Peanut and Butter

Peanut was my first "baby".  She is a little chihuahua.  Not your typical chihuahua though.  She loves everybody.  If someone broke in she would be excited about it.  I have seen little kids pick her up by the neck, and she just let them.  She loves to be warm,  She would be happy if it was 100 degrees all the time. 

Next is Butter our Blue Heeler.  I have to say I never wanted a blue heeler.  Justin really wanted a dog, and one of our friends blue heelers just had puppies.  So we got one.  When we received her, I was pregnant with Jada, and Josiah was a toddler.  It is sad to say, but I really didn't like Butter. It took about a year for me to warm up to her. That being said, she is the best dog.  I am not being biased, well maybe a little.  We never had to teach her not to run away.  She always stayed near the house, unless we all were gone.  Then she would try to come find us.  I have seen her round up the chickens and get them to safety, when she thought danger was near.  When the kids play outside, she watches them like a hawk.  She would give her life for them without a second thought. 
Whenever I become pregnant, Butter becomes very clingy.  The closer I get to my due date, the more clingy she gets.  No matter how many times I step on her trying to get out of bed, she still stays right next to me.  She is an irreplaceable dog.

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