Sunday, December 16, 2012

33 Weeks

I know I am a day late on my update.  We spent yesterday really focusing and spending time with our little ones.  
Not much is new. I'm still having lots of braxton-hicks contractions, some are starting to become painful. My mid wife is skeptical I will make it to 37 weeks. You never know though, baby Jameson may surprise us and stay in the longest out of all my babies.  (The longest any of them stayed in was 38 1/2 weeks, that was Jada).

(I may or may not post a picture later)


  1. My little Bo surprised me and was 2 days over my due date! My earliest was 2 1/2 weeks and my latest was 1 week early, so it was a surprise. He was also born on Dec. 25th. LOL. Noooo! I was in so much denial when I went into labor, LOL! But, it was all in God's timing. :)

    1. I remember going in for false labor with Jada on the dec. 24th thinking the exact same thing. She decided to stay in for another week though!
      I have been having some mestrual like cramping, but nothing consistant. I never had the cramping with the other ones, except when I was in labor. I guess if it was real labor I would have already had the baby! Just a new feeling with this baby I guess.


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