Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Very Mild Flare Up
I had a person ask what lotion we used on Jada's eczema, in case anyone else is wondering, this is what we did.  When the eczema was really bad, before the prescription, I would use Eucerin (let that soak in) then "seal" it with Vaseline, then covered it.  Also, when we would give her a bath, we would add a little oil to the bath water.
For a mild flare up, like what she just had, all I used was the Equate version of Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Lotion. Then when it was almost healed up, we used CJ's Butter (a more natural smell good lotion) to finish clearing it up.

By far the best thing we did for her, that cleared up her eczema completely, was a diet change.
We ended up cutting out all gluten and dairy. I did introduce some dairy back into her diet, but it is very limited.  I just found out if she had just a little too much dairy, her eczema will return.
Click here for gluten free recipes.

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