Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Kids vs The Stomach Bug

We are going into the forth or fifth day of the vomit marathon. Before the stomach bug hit we were hit by a cold.  The kids didn't even have a chance to recuperate.  Poor Jada, this is her fourth morning throwing up. We are able to keep her hydrated, and some food down. If she doesn't feel better soon we will be going to the Dr.  Josiah is finally feeling better. Juliet doesn't seem too sick. She had one little spit up, and vomited a bit last night.  I am hoping she does not get this.  Thankfully Justin was able to stay home with me yesterday.  While he was home, he did all the laundry, cleaned up, disinfected surfaces, and took care of sick kids. I know, I am blessed.
It's amazing how differently their bodies handled this stomach bug. Josiah is like Justin and me.  He vomits, and then has stomach cramping in between vomiting.  Jada on the other hand, vomits and then seems perfectly fine until she has to vomit again.  In between vomiting, if someone saw her they would never know she was sick.
With  the lack of sleep and not feeling well, attitudes have been pretty bad. We are going to have to do some serious attitude changing today, both on the kids part and my part.
Hopefully the stomach bug is on it's way out.

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