Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Four Kids, Four and Under

It's 8:30 and today is my first day with no extra help.  Jameson is 10 days old already.  Juliet  is 17 months, Jada just turned 3, and Josiah is 4.  I sit here typing while nursing, and taking a break. Kids are fed, diapers are changed, and the kitchen is straightened up.  Nobody, but Juliet is dressed, and that is OK.  There is lots of playing going on, and not a lot of fighting. Life is good.

At 6:30am Juliet started gathering laundry.  Josiah saw Juliet trying to gather laundry, the big helper he is, started helping her. I didn't even want to think about cleaning that early in the morning.

It's 9:30 now.  Bathroom is straightened up.  Josiah cleaned his room by himself.  He brought some blocks out for Juliet to play with.  Jada and him have been playing together most of the morning.  We have had one fight break out that needed attention, but that is all so far.  Juliet has been pushing a stroller around with Legos in it, and keeping me company as I straighten up. I am taking another break to nurse, cuddle, and change Jameson. I am hoping to have him in cloth diapers by the end of the week. When I went to change Jameson, with out me asking or saying anything, Juliet brought me the wipes. It really surprised me. It's so easy to underestimate little ones.

Still Sleeping
It's 11:15 and the kids had a snack, bananas and pretzels.  I started dinner, Sweet Potato Black Bean Vegetarian Chili.  I think I put too much cumin in it. Oh well.  I straightened up the kitchen again. Jameson is still sleeping.  Josiah and Jada are cleaning up Josiah's room again, and Juliet is playing with a baby doll and blocks.  Now I have to think about what to do for Lunch. I am losing steam.

11:45 I decided on left over gluten free macaroni and cheese for lunch.  While I was getting lunch ready, Josiah and Jada were cleaning up Josiah's room.  All the sudden Josiah comes running out, and tells me Jada broke the tall wooden giraffe that was in their room. They both said it was an accident.  It must be a day for things breaking, because I broke my one and only glass serving bowl this morning, then when I went to open up the diced tomatoes, my can opener broke. I think we are all ready for nap.

2:00 and Jada wakes up from nap crying. Which wakes everybody, but Jameson up. She said she couldn't find Josiah when she woke up.  Usually he is on the bottom bunk at nap, but he slept on the to bunk today.  Hoping it's not a preview of this afternoon.  We are snuggling now, maybe that will help.

 3:00 I haven't got much done since 2:00. Snuggling and diaper changes. Jada is working on a puzzle, Jameson is finally wide awake, Josiah is playing in his room, and Juliet is playing with some puzzle pieces next to me.

4:00 pm fed the kids snack and straightened up the kitchen again. Josiah helped clear off the table. Josiah and Jada both helped pick up toys through out the house.  Jameson is a little fussy, so my attention is now focused on him. I did start an episode of dinosaur train for them to watch.
I think this picture captures their personalities perfectly

5:00 pm I was able to get Jameson fed and calmed down.  I was also able to get a fire started. Josiah and Jada watched Dinosaur Train, and Juliet tried out some of the vegetarian chili. She is being a wild one tonight.  Whenever she hears the camera turn on, she turns towards me, smiles really big, and says cheese.  She is full of laughter tonight.  I love it.

6:00 pm kids fed, bathed, and pajamas are on.  Dad is home!

Over all it was a wonderful day!

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