Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Juliet vs Not One, Not Two, but Three Molars

Juliet has not been herself these past few days. She has been grumpy and mischievous, to put it lightly.  Yesterday I was holding her and thought to check her teeth.  I felt not one, not two, but three little molars just barely starting to poke through.  Which is crazy, because she doesn't even have all her front teeth in yet.  She was up for part of the night last night with a little fever. We went ahead and let her sleep with us, I'm pretty sure she was feeling cold from the fever, and her gums were hurting.  She finally fell back asleep, but with lots of tossing, turning and periodic fussing.  Poor thing.  Hopefully she will feel better soon. 
When any of the kids are teething we usually give them homeopathic teething tablet, or the like.  We don't like to give them Infant Ibuprofen if the fever is not very high, but if they are having a hard time getting comfortable from the pain or can't sleep we will give them a little bit.


  1. Praying that her molars come in quickly.

    1. Thank you, they are still working their way up. Hopefully soon though.


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