Sunday, January 6, 2013

Juliet vs The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad week

This has been a really bad week for Juliet.  She has only been sick once in her life, and I think this week has more than made up for her lack of getting sick.
On Tuesday, I noticed three molars coming in, and she had a low grade fever.  I didn't think anything of the fever because of the molars, until the fever started to rise and rise. It got up to 103.4 while she was taking fever reducing medicine.  On Wednesday, she still had the fever so we took her to the ER.  They think she may have a UTI, we are waiting for the culture to come back.  Friday night she caught a nasty stomach bug, and started vomiting.  We had to make sure she didn't aspirate any vomit, so Justin stayed up all night with her holding her upright and helping her through the vomiting spells.  Sabbath she was no longer vomiting and on the mend.  Now it just seems like her teeth are bothering her.  She is still very cranky and very clingy to Justin.  We are hoping her teeth will come in soon and she will feel completely better this week.

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