Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Too Many Toys

In an effort to to cut down on the number of toys we have and to help the kids keep organized, we spent yesterday morning going through toys. The kids helped decide which toys to give away and which toys to keep. Jada started out with a bang. She was ready to give away all sorts of toys; even the ones she plays with a lot. At that point, I figured she didn't really understand she will never see them again, so I saved some that I know she plays with and then went along with the others she wanted to give away. Josiah was pretty good about getting rid of things. Some of the things he ended up choosing to give away surprised me, including some of his trains. They were not part of his Thomas The Train set, therefore they don't fit on the train track, so I could see where he was coming from. We ended up filling a big bag with toys to give away. 
Next, we started organizing them. We do this every couple of months. We assign groups of toys to specific bins, however, within a week all the toys are usually mixed together. This time I was finally able to print out pictures for each bin. Now the kids know which toys go in which bin.

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