Thursday, March 28, 2013

Trim Healthy Mama

This post will not be about the kids. That being said, it will be about me, and the dreaded weight issue. I am finding it's a little harder to lose the weight from this last pregnancy than the previous ones. It's never a good feeling when you weigh more than your husband. Plus, I just don't feel healthy. I want to be healthy and fit for both my husband and my kids. I am going to get there one way or another.
There is a new book that has come out called Trim Healthy Mama. It has received very good reviews, and it promises it is not another fad dieting book. Well, I just finished reading most of it.
It is a fairly large book with over 600 pages. I bought the Nook version, and I wish I would have spent the extra money and purchased the actual book. It's hard flipping back and forth through recipes on a Nook.
The short version of Trim Healthy Mama is don't eat fats with carbs. You can eat both fats and carbs just not at the same meal setting. It is about maintaining a healthy insulin level.
I could add a lot more about the book, but there are plenty of other thorough Trim Healthy Mama reviews that you can go read, or if you really want to know from me, I am just an email away.
All that said, I am starting a new way of eating. We will see if it works. I will update each week with the progress, if there is any. You can check for new progress in Health & Weight Loss

 If you are already eating healthy, I would not recommend this book to you. However, if you need some motivation and information on how to eat healthy, I would highly recommnd Trim Healthy Mama to you. One thing to be aware of though, is a lot of the Trim Healthy Mama recipes call for eggs, which might be an issue if you have an egg allergy. Now, if you are already eating healthy and want to lose weight and need some motivation, I recommend trying out the Fitbit. I really love mine, and the weight is finally starting to come off.

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