Sunday, April 28, 2013

Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting

Josiah loves exercising with me. He frequently reminds me through out the day that we need to exercise. I decided to look for some exercise DVDs aimed towards children. While I was browsing the exercise DVDs, I wondered if I could find a fun martial arts DVD for Josiah.
I took Taekwondo for several years. I have also practiced Kenpo, and Kung Fu. I enjoy martial arts, and this is something Josiah and I could do together. I ended up finding a wonderful Kung Fu exercise DVD called, Kung Fu for Kids. Josiah and I both enjoyed it.
Kung Fu for Kids teaches the basics of Kung Fu. The DVD contains a workout, and it also has a section which breaks down all the different basic Kung Fu techniques. The workout portion keeps Josiah's attention, and it provides me with a workout also. Just the workout portion is about 30 minutes long.
The technique section is wonderful. They do a great job breaking down each move, and it is easy to follow.
Here are some pictures of Josiah practicing.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Organize, Order, and Odd heart stuff

We started spring cleaning last week. We organized and rearranged the pantry and cleaned out the dreaded refrigerator. The kids were very big helpers. They helped carry food items from one place to the other, scrubbed the refrigerator, and wiped different items down. They did a great job!

Josiah's car seat has started hurting his back. Since we drive almost an hour and a half just to go grocery shopping, I feel it is important that the kids are comfortable and safe while we are driving. So I began my quest in finding him a new booster seat. The problem was most of them have very little padding. I finally found one that I think is going to work out. It received good reviews, and it has a cushy seat. We have not tried it out yet, but I have high hopes for it. The car seat we bought is called The First Years Compass Booster Car Seat.

Playing in the box the car seat came in.

Also this week we received 25 Khaki Campbell ducklings. Our friend hatched them out just for us! It was a very nice surprise. We were thinking we would just get a few, and he ended up giving all the ducklings to us. I think ducklings are some of the cutest baby animals.

Last week, after I worked out, my chest started hurting. I though maybe I pulled something, and thought I really must be out of shape. It stopped hurting two days later. After it stopped hurting, I did a very light workout with Josiah. My chest started hurting again, but the next day it was even worse, I was having tons of heart palpitations, it felt like there was a weight on my chest, and when we listened to my heart we heard something odd. I went to the doctor the next morning and he also heard something. He thinks it is Mitral Valve Prolapse. It order to confirm that I have to get an EKG Echocardiogram. We are planning on getting that done on Friday Thursday, unless I start feeling as bad as I did again, then we will go to the ER.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Garden, Green Lava, and Getting Ready to Read

Justin tilled the garden this week, and we were able to get some of our nice chicken fertilizer on it. We check the garden's pH levels and it is very alkaline. So we put some Iron Sulfate on it in hopes to bring it down a bit.

When I turned 16 I received a green lava lamp for my birthday. I had wanted one for quite some time, so I was elated when I received it. For almost 15 years I have "babied" this lava lamp. It even has it's original bulb. We turn it on at night to let the kids watch it as they fall asleep, then turn it off after they fall asleep. Well an unnamed child turned it on in the middle of the day. Then another child accidentally tipped it over. It did not break, but if a lava lamp is shaken while it is hot it ruins it. I was a little sad, but it is just a lava lamp. Luckily the lava lamp was only half hot. So only part of the liquid "lava" was ruined. This is what it looks like if it gets shaken, or in our case knocked over.
Notice the sad look. He jumped into the picture and made the saddest face he could muster up. He kills me.

I took a break from Josiah's Funnix program. It's is a program that aids in teaching little ones how to read. We resumed the program this week, and he is already starting to read small words! I was really surprised by how much information he retained. If you are interested in using the Funnix program I am going to write about it later this week. So check back later.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

A Garden Surprise

We were preparing our garden for this year, and we found a carrot that got left behind from last year.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

12 Wonderful Weeks Old

Jada is sharing her blanket with Jameson. He doesn't seem to mind it's pink.

No captions needed for this picture.

We started seeds for our garden this week.

Jada's monkey is keeping an eye on Jameson.

Giving kisses.
Happy baby.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Snow Day

We ended up getting some snow yesterday. It snowed most the day, however most of it melted as soon as it hit the ground. It finally started to stick around 5:00 pm. At about 6:30 pm Jada asked if she could go play outside. My tired self wanted to say no, but since this snow was probably going to be the last of the year I ended up saying yes. I dug out all their snow gear, and prepared to get them all dressed. As I ran around the house searching for Juliet's snow boots, Jada, much to my surprise, was getting all her snow gear on by herself. This made my job much easier. I put boots and gloves on them, and away they went. Jada taught Juliet the fine art of eating snow. We tried to build a snowman, but it ended up falling apart, and Juliet's little cheeks got very rosy. Juliet assured me she did not need want to come inside and that she was not too cold.
Josiah was at Grammy's house during our snow day.
Here comes the snow!

Funny girls.

Eating snow.

Eating more snow.

Juliet's place of choice to eat snow.

Butter and Miss Perky.

I couldn't resist adding this cutie.

Morning snow.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Student Becomes the Teacher

Today we got an early start on laundry. Josiah likes to fold all the big towels and Jada folds all the wash cloths. While I was folding cloths out in the living room, I heard Josiah giving folding directions to Jada. I walked into the bedroom, that's where they fold clothes, and saw Josiah teaching Jada how to fold a big towel! He did a great job giving her directions, and she received the directions with a happy heart. By the time they were done folding laundry Jada had learned how to fold a big towel. 
Please excuse our jammas and messy hair, it was not even 8:00 am!

Josiah teaching Jada how to fold a towel

Showing her how it is done.

Jada knows how to fold a towel by herself!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Better Luck Next Month

After a long morning full of tears and pee pee dances, we have decided to postpone potty training until next month. Poor girl just wasn't quite ready. She knew when she needed to pee, but for some reason she would hold it and cry. She just didn't like the idea of peeing in a potty. Next month, if she is showing more signs of readiness we will proceed with the potty training. For now, she will continue to wear her adorable fluffy cloth diapers.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Books We Use To Help With Potty Training

When we were first potty training one of our children, we found that pooping really scared them. They would hold it until they were very constipated. All our children really love books, so we went to the book store and found two very helpful potty training books. The first book is "Where's the Poop?" It is a lift the flap book. In this book you have to find where the baby animal went potty. Yes it is a little odd, but it really helped this particular child overcome their fear of pooping.  The next is another lift the flap book call "Even Firefighters Go to the Potty." This one was not as popular as the the first book, but it was still helpful during the potty training process.


Where's the Poop? Not There!

Nope, Not there either!

There it is!

Look at that, even astronauts go potty!

Countdown to Pentecost

This countdown chart was made by our friend Laura and her daughters. We use it every year to keep track of our countdown to Pentecost. The kids get a little sucker each day, so they never let us forget a day.

Potty Training

Yesterday I watched Juliet go into the bathroom and peek out at me. I knew what she was doing by the way she looked. She was doing business. When she came out of the bathroom she grabbed her diaper, waved her arm in the air, and said ''Poo Woos", indicating she had just pottied in her diaper. I have put off potty training her because she doesn't talk very well yet. I'm not sure I can put it off much longer.

 I potty trained Josiah at 20 months. Jada was potty trained by 15 months, except for nights and naptime. Juliet is now19 months so potty training will commence on Tuesday.                                                                                      
When I first potty trained Josiah I used the book "How to Potty Train in Three Days." At least that's what I think it was called. It was an e-book. The techniques have proved to be successful for potty training both Josiah and Jada. I will use these same techniques for Juliet. I don't do everything exactly as the book says to do, because not all the techniques worked for us. I will tell you what works for us though.             

I usually mentally prep myself the day before potty training begins. It really takes a lot of energy for me. If you are naturally bubbly and boisterous it will be a lot easier for you. Today I will make sure my house is clean, laundry is done, and that I have easy meals planned for the next day.

 When we wake up on the morning of potty training day, we will all eat breakfast and get ready for the day. After this, I will enthusiastically explain to Juliet that this is the day that she gets to start using the big girl potty, no more baby diapers. At this point, if you have disposable diapers, you would have the child throw all the diapers away, just be sure the child is ready to be potty trained. We use mostly cloth so this will not be happening, plus she is still young so she may not be ready yet. Next, we will help Juliet take off her pants and diaper. She will just have a shirt on. We will also let her have a special drink. We usually drink water, so we will give her some juice. We want her to drink a lot so she pees a lot. We don't ever force a child to drink. We will also try to give her salty foods to eat so this will make her want to drink more. At this point, we will be stuck to Juliet like glue. 

Next, we will sit her on the potty chair and tell her this is were we go potty. We'll explain that if she needs to potty, make sure she tells Mama. We will play together and watch her like a hawk. As soon as she starts to pee we say "Hurry let's pee in the potty." We will then scoop her up and run to the potty. If any of it makes it in the potty we will make a big deal out of it with lots of excitement, lots of praise, and a treat. We'll never scold her, or say anything negative if she don't make it to the potty. We'll do this process all day and give her lot's of encouragement with as much excitement as we can!  We will remind her often, to tell us if she has to potty. We will use a pull up at night and during naptime. We'll do the same thing the next day, and the next. I really have to remember to keep the excitement up, especially by the third day when it won't be new and exciting to them anymore. After the third day it's usually a lot easier. There will still be accidents, but hopefully by this point shewill be peeing more in the potty than having accidents.
This is what works for us. I will be updating our progress each day on how she is doing.

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