Monday, April 1, 2013

Books We Use To Help With Potty Training

When we were first potty training one of our children, we found that pooping really scared them. They would hold it until they were very constipated. All our children really love books, so we went to the book store and found two very helpful potty training books. The first book is "Where's the Poop?" It is a lift the flap book. In this book you have to find where the baby animal went potty. Yes it is a little odd, but it really helped this particular child overcome their fear of pooping.  The next is another lift the flap book call "Even Firefighters Go to the Potty." This one was not as popular as the the first book, but it was still helpful during the potty training process.


Where's the Poop? Not There!

Nope, Not there either!

There it is!

Look at that, even astronauts go potty!

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