Sunday, April 28, 2013

Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting

Josiah loves exercising with me. He frequently reminds me through out the day that we need to exercise. I decided to look for some exercise DVDs aimed towards children. While I was browsing the exercise DVDs, I wondered if I could find a fun martial arts DVD for Josiah.
I took Taekwondo for several years. I have also practiced Kenpo, and Kung Fu. I enjoy martial arts, and this is something Josiah and I could do together. I ended up finding a wonderful Kung Fu exercise DVD called, Kung Fu for Kids. Josiah and I both enjoyed it.
Kung Fu for Kids teaches the basics of Kung Fu. The DVD contains a workout, and it also has a section which breaks down all the different basic Kung Fu techniques. The workout portion keeps Josiah's attention, and it provides me with a workout also. Just the workout portion is about 30 minutes long.
The technique section is wonderful. They do a great job breaking down each move, and it is easy to follow.
Here are some pictures of Josiah practicing.

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