Saturday, April 20, 2013

Garden, Green Lava, and Getting Ready to Read

Justin tilled the garden this week, and we were able to get some of our nice chicken fertilizer on it. We check the garden's pH levels and it is very alkaline. So we put some Iron Sulfate on it in hopes to bring it down a bit.

When I turned 16 I received a green lava lamp for my birthday. I had wanted one for quite some time, so I was elated when I received it. For almost 15 years I have "babied" this lava lamp. It even has it's original bulb. We turn it on at night to let the kids watch it as they fall asleep, then turn it off after they fall asleep. Well an unnamed child turned it on in the middle of the day. Then another child accidentally tipped it over. It did not break, but if a lava lamp is shaken while it is hot it ruins it. I was a little sad, but it is just a lava lamp. Luckily the lava lamp was only half hot. So only part of the liquid "lava" was ruined. This is what it looks like if it gets shaken, or in our case knocked over.
Notice the sad look. He jumped into the picture and made the saddest face he could muster up. He kills me.

I took a break from Josiah's Funnix program. It's is a program that aids in teaching little ones how to read. We resumed the program this week, and he is already starting to read small words! I was really surprised by how much information he retained. If you are interested in using the Funnix program I am going to write about it later this week. So check back later.

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