Monday, May 20, 2013

Fitbit One

I recently purchased a Fitbit One, and can I just say, "I love it." What is a Fitbit One you ask? It is a wonderful little tool to keep you motivated to stay active. It keeps track of your steps, how many miles you have gone, calories burned, floors climbed, and it tracks your sleep. Also, if you have friends who have a Fitbit, you can see how many steps they are taking, and who is in the lead. If you are even a little bit competitive, this can be very motivating.
 It seems to be pretty accurate in terms of steps taken. You do have to take three steps in a row, before it will start tracking them. I'm sure the calories burned are not super accurate, but I don't feel like that is a huge deal. I really love the sleep tracker though. With the sleep tracker  I can see exactly when I am getting up to nurse Jameson, and for how long. It also has a food log, so you are able to see how many calories are going in vs. how many you are burning. You can view all this on Fitbits free app.
 Another thing I love is that Fitbit is partnered with Earndit. Earndit is a website that will give you points for completing certain goals. For instance, when you take 5000 steps you get 20 points. After you accumulate so many points, you can redeem a gift card to one of their participating stores. Fitbit is also partnered with Walgreens.  Walgreens has a program that gives you points for every mile you go. Again, once you have accumulated so many points you can redeem a gift card, in this case to Walgreens. Eventually your Fitbit is going to pay for itself. I definitely recommend it, as my entire family knows. Now you know why!

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