Saturday, May 11, 2013

Updates (I know it's such a clever title)

It was a rough week last week. The kids were unusually disobedient, tantrums broke out left and right, and the house resounded with screams. Oh my. This week I worked on consistency and better attitudes. It was a little better week except that Juliet got a bladder infection.
Now, on to happier things.

Our tents and tunnels have been hidden away behind the couch for quite some time now. I finally brought them out for the kids to play with. They were thrilled. They haven't got to play with the tents and tunnels in months.

I bought a kiddie pool from amazon for less than $12. The kids love it. I think they will love it more when it warms up enough to use it outside. Even the whale sprays water.

Here is Josiah working on his Funnix school work

I love watching them do Kung Fu

The results for my echo cardiogram showed I have mild tricuspid regurgitation. They want me to wear a holter monitor to make sure nothing else is going on. I will go to get that done on Wednesday. Also this week, Justin got me a Fitbit One. It is awesome. Basically it is a glorified pedometer. However, it has online features that are fantastic. If you have a friend or family member that has a Fitbit, you can see how many steps they are taking a day, and who has taken the most steps that week. It really makes you want to take more steps just so you are not "losing." It's genius. It can also track your sleep patterns, so I can see exactly when I am waking up to nurse Jameson and for how long. So far I love it.

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