Saturday, May 18, 2013

We're Goin' to the Zoo Zoo Zoo

We had to go to a city three hours away for a doctors appointment, which meant we had to stay there two nights. We decided to take the kids to the zoo while we were there. I would like to say they had a blast at the zoo and that we could have spent all day there, but that was not the case. Because we got in late and had to wake up early, nobody got enough sleep. Everybody was really tired. They did enjoy going to the zoo, but we skipped about half of it. The next day we took them to the aquarium, and that went over a lot better. We even got to go with one of my best friends and her cute little boy.
My tired girl.

Jameson slept the whole time.

I hope it's OK to let them climb on these.

Our little navigators!

Still looking tired.

She was a little cranky on zoo day.

My best friend and her cute little boy.

Looking at the sting rays.


Juliet's new favorite place is riding on Dad's back. She had the best time up in that backpack.


Ready to be home.

Entertaining baby brother.
The morning after we arrived home, yesterday morning, Jada developed a fever. Last night she woke up at midnight with a 104 degree fever, and upset stomach. So Justin stayed up with her all night. Hopefully she will feel better today, and nobody else will get sick.

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