Sunday, June 23, 2013

Lions, Tigers, and Grandparents. Oh my!

We got a couple of kittens in hopes to keep the chipmunk and mice population down. Let me just say that I am not a cat person. I really don't even like touching them. Queue the kids. The girls especially, can not get enough of these little creatures. I am constantly telling Juliet to put the kitten down. She likes to carry them by their neck. My goal is to keep her from killing the poor things. The kids have named them the Lion and Tiger of Dinnello. Where is Dinnello? It could be the land Jada lives in, we really don't know were they came up with the name.
Grammy and Grampy came over on Sabbath to play with the kids. Josiah was very happy to get to play ball with Dad and Grampy!
Meet The Lion of Dinnello!

Are you my mother?

Meet the Tiger of Dinnello!

Playing ball with Dad and Grampy. If you look to the lower right corner you can see the ball.

Swinging with Grammy.
Good throw.

Fun with Friends

We had some friends invite us to go to the lake the other day. We had a great time! Jada was the first one to go into the water, followed by Juliet, then Josiah. Josiah was very hesitant to go in at first, but once he did, he had a great time. I would really like to go back and do some camping there, maybe next year. Here are some pictures from the fun outing.

Testing the water.

She couldn't wait to go to the "beach".


Now he is liking it.

He seemed to have a good time too.

Too cute.

Follow the leader!

Having a blast!


My friend Laura and Me.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day Justin!

I am not exaggerating when I say Justin is the best Dad. Let me count some of the ways.
 Whenever a child wakes up in the middle of the night, Justin is the one who stays up with them, snuggling them, catching their vomit, taking temperatures, giving medicine and doing laundry.
 When  Justin gets home from work he gives the kids his full attention. He sits down with them, listens to them, talks to them, loves on them and plays with them.
He likes spending time with the kids. He is counting down the days to when he can take Josiah to work with him.
He will hold and rock an upset child even when his back and ankles are in excruciating pain.
 He takes the time to slow down and teach the kids, when the kids want to "help" him with something.
 He loves, he protects, he teaches, he disciplines, and he provides.
He is their Dad.

 Happy Father's Day Justin!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Jameson vs Teething

Poor little Jameson has started teething. It really seems to be hitting him hard. He is really gnawing on things, and is super irritable. He wants to be held all day, which is understandable. Anytime I put him down he will cry. I usually have carry him in the Ergo carrier, but when I really have to get stuff done and need use of my arms I will put him in a baby hiking carrier we got from a consignment store.  He is usually content in either one, which is wonderful. On Tuesday afternoon Jameson woke up with a fever. He had no other symptoms of being sick. The fever stayed around until early Thursday morning. I have to chalk the fever up to teething, even though "they" say teething doesn't cause fevers.  Also, nobody else got sick.

I am so glad we purchased this carrier!
The kids have been having lots of fun on their new playset this week. Last night I was outside grilling and I looked up to see Josiah at the top of the slide getting ready to go down it on his little tractor. I was able to stop him, but apparently Jada had already gone down the slide. She said she didn't get hurt and that she only got rocks in her eye.
This is what I saw the other day!

Notice how her water bottle is not tipping over.

I have no words.

They love swinging on this together.

One more of this little cutie.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Discovery Tanglewood Playset

Justin and his parents spent half of Saturday, and all day Sunday putting together a wonderful outdoor playset Justin's grandma, a.k.a Mimi, sent. The kids absolutely love it. First thing in the mornings they ask if they can go play on it. This morning Josiah looked out the window and says, "Yep, it's still there."
Here are some pictures from when we set it up.

Leveling out the ground.

Much easier this way.

It took us an hour or so just to organize the pieces. (At least it seemed like it took that long)

Finally, we can begin.

Helpin' Dad

Ready to play!

Making progress.

Looking good.

The super speedy slide!

Juliet is ready to swing! It's her favorite thing to do now.

The "Spotting Scope"

It really is a super speedy slide!

On the look out.

The rock wall. Juliet can climb up this; much to my surprise.

Relaxing having a "lemonade"

They are loving the slide.

The glider swing is a BIG hit with Jada and Josiah.
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