Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Discovery Tanglewood Playset

Justin and his parents spent half of Saturday, and all day Sunday putting together a wonderful outdoor playset Justin's grandma, a.k.a Mimi, sent. The kids absolutely love it. First thing in the mornings they ask if they can go play on it. This morning Josiah looked out the window and says, "Yep, it's still there."
Here are some pictures from when we set it up.

Leveling out the ground.

Much easier this way.

It took us an hour or so just to organize the pieces. (At least it seemed like it took that long)

Finally, we can begin.

Helpin' Dad

Ready to play!

Making progress.

Looking good.

The super speedy slide!

Juliet is ready to swing! It's her favorite thing to do now.

The "Spotting Scope"

It really is a super speedy slide!

On the look out.

The rock wall. Juliet can climb up this; much to my surprise.

Relaxing having a "lemonade"

They are loving the slide.

The glider swing is a BIG hit with Jada and Josiah.

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