Saturday, June 8, 2013

Jameson vs Teething

Poor little Jameson has started teething. It really seems to be hitting him hard. He is really gnawing on things, and is super irritable. He wants to be held all day, which is understandable. Anytime I put him down he will cry. I usually have carry him in the Ergo carrier, but when I really have to get stuff done and need use of my arms I will put him in a baby hiking carrier we got from a consignment store.  He is usually content in either one, which is wonderful. On Tuesday afternoon Jameson woke up with a fever. He had no other symptoms of being sick. The fever stayed around until early Thursday morning. I have to chalk the fever up to teething, even though "they" say teething doesn't cause fevers.  Also, nobody else got sick.

I am so glad we purchased this carrier!
The kids have been having lots of fun on their new playset this week. Last night I was outside grilling and I looked up to see Josiah at the top of the slide getting ready to go down it on his little tractor. I was able to stop him, but apparently Jada had already gone down the slide. She said she didn't get hurt and that she only got rocks in her eye.
This is what I saw the other day!

Notice how her water bottle is not tipping over.

I have no words.

They love swinging on this together.

One more of this little cutie.

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