Sunday, June 23, 2013

Lions, Tigers, and Grandparents. Oh my!

We got a couple of kittens in hopes to keep the chipmunk and mice population down. Let me just say that I am not a cat person. I really don't even like touching them. Queue the kids. The girls especially, can not get enough of these little creatures. I am constantly telling Juliet to put the kitten down. She likes to carry them by their neck. My goal is to keep her from killing the poor things. The kids have named them the Lion and Tiger of Dinnello. Where is Dinnello? It could be the land Jada lives in, we really don't know were they came up with the name.
Grammy and Grampy came over on Sabbath to play with the kids. Josiah was very happy to get to play ball with Dad and Grampy!
Meet The Lion of Dinnello!

Are you my mother?

Meet the Tiger of Dinnello!

Playing ball with Dad and Grampy. If you look to the lower right corner you can see the ball.

Swinging with Grammy.
Good throw.

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