Monday, July 8, 2013

Summer Time Fun

We have been busy, busy, busy.  We went fishing, celebrated Independence Day, and spent lots of time with family.

The kids went fishing for their very first time. They had a blast. They didn't catch anything, but Dad and cousin Zane both caught a fish.I guess Josiah did catch a dead crayfish. I think we are going to try to take the kids fishing, to a place designed just for kids, this weekend. This way they will be able to catch a fish. They have been able to practice casting their fishing poles out in our yard. They love it.

On Independence Day we went to the local parade. The kids all loved the Smokey the Bear float the best. After the parade, we went home and took a nap. When the kids woke up, we went over to Grammy and Grampy's, had a BBQ, ate s'mores, played horse shoes, and spent time with  family and friends. We had  really great time.

It has been a busy and fun past couple of weeks.
Here comes the photo bomb!

Ready to catch something.

Here Fishy, fishy, fishy.

 She was super excited she caught a dead fish!

 Fishing with Dad.

 Sitting with Mom.

Dad's Catch.


Fishing with Grammy.

Hanging out with Grampy.

All Lined up for the parade!
Notice the hat my awesome sister-in-law got me....I love it!

Yep, she has a sucker in both hands.

Here comes Smokey the Bear

Playing Horse Shoes.

 Sticky Hands.

Trying on Auntie Seana's sunglasses.

Sitting up by himself now!

These two biked all the way to the lake, almost 40 miles!  I just think this picture is too cute!

Such great memories!


  1. This is like watching a Modern-Day Walton Family!!!

    love it!


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