Sunday, August 18, 2013

2013-2014 Schedule

Here is our 2013-2014 schedule! This schedule layout comes from Manager's of their Home. It is a great resource to help you get your home in order. I can't recommend it enough. The one thing I don't do that they recommend is to put your baby on a feeding schedule.  Jameson nurses on demand.  I also wear him either on my back or front on and off through out the day. I am sure this schedule with change through out the year.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Summer Memories

The summer seems to be going by too quickly. We have been able to spend lots of time with family though. We have been celebrating  birthdays, going to the lake, playing cards and visiting together. The kids have been having a blast spending time with their cousins.
Here comes a plethora of photos.

Birthday Girl!

Abigail the Cat!

What's next?

Setting up.

A big thunderstorm hit shortly after we got all set up.

Beautiful Auntie Seana making cousin Zane's cake.

Down by the fire.

Uncle Jerry is the expert marshmallow roaster.

I think she likes it.

Happy Boy!

Uncle, Auntie, and all the cousins.

Grampy and Grammy

A big dad pile!

I walked into Juliet's room the other morning to find that she had company!

Very sunny family picture!

Christian Light Education

Josiah is officially a homeschooler! I have spent countless hours searching for that perfect curriculum. I have poured over reviews and asked other home school mamas what they do. What I have found is that the perfect homschool curriculum does not exist. After deciding on a curriculum, then changing my mind, then changing my mind again, I finally settled on a few different things. The core curriculum I've decided on is Christian Light Education.  I was going to start Josiah out in kindergarten this year, but after I ordered Christian Light Education's kindergarten curriculum I realized he was too advanced for it. I ordered their placement test to see if he was ready for 1st grade and sure enough he was.  I am doing CLE's, Learning to Read, Reading, LA, and Math programs. I am also going to do A Beka science and Road Trip USA with both Josiah and Jada. I will continue to do circle time with Josiah, Jada and Juliet.
 CLE is a curriculum designed by Mennonites. Each subject contains workbooks called light units. There are usually 10 per subject. Their prices are reasonable, and from what I have learned from my research is that CLE is a sound curriculum that has received excellent reviews.
 I am very excited about this upcoming year. Josiah just took his first test in Learning to Read and scored a 98 on it. The math portion seems to be moving fast, but he is doing well on it. Once he is done with Leaning to Read, he can move on to Reading and Language Arts.

See Christian Light Education's Achievement Averages here.
Read more CLE reviews here.
Christian Light Education Update.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Jada Part 4

I am delighted to say after a year and of half of eating gluten free and limited dairy, Jada is finally able to eat those things without any ill side effects! She has been having fun tasting "new" food. She keeps asking me, "Does this have gluten in it?" It is too cute. I am so relieved she is able to eat gluten again! It has been quite the journey.

Read more about Jada in Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3
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