Monday, September 30, 2013

A Little Vacation

We decided to go to Phoenix last weekend for a little vacation. I don't know about anyone else but packing for four little ones, myself, cleaning the house while caring for the four very excited kids was not super easy for me.  I got it done though and only forgot a few things that we easily managed with out.  I packed a little surprise bag for the kids to have on the way there plus plenty of snacks. Between those things and the DVD player, the 6 hour drive (one way) there and back was surprisingly pleasant.
Our first stop, once we got there, was Butterfly Wonderland. It's America's largest butterfly atrium. I think the kids like the short 3-D film the best. Jada could hardly resist picking up the butterflies. She really wanted one to land on her, sadly it never happened. The butterflies seemed to like Justin's white hat though. He had a few of them land on it.

The next day we went to the Zoo. It turned out to be a fairly nice day. It was still hot, but there was a nice little breeze to make the heat bearable. By the time we finished, the kids were beat. I think they had a great time looking at all the animals though. After the zoo, we went back to the hotel. While everybody napped, Grammy, Jameson, and I went shopping. When we got back, Grammy and Grampy left for Mimi's house while we stayed another night. That night we took the kids mini golfing, and then we went swimming.

The next morning we left for Mimi's house, which was about an hour away. When we got there, she took the kids on a little shopping spree which the kids loved of course! She also had them paint a picture on canvas for her so she could hang their masterpieces up in the bunk room. We also did each of their hand and footprints on canvas to hang. It was a very cute idea. We did lot of visiting and playing. Best of all I got to spend lots of time with my husband.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

A day in the Life of Four Little Ones! Again!

This is a little long, but I wanted it as a reminder of how it was with little ones.

6:00 I hear Jada out in the living room playing with the cat. I tell myself that I will close my eyes for just a minute.

6:45 Forty five minutes later I hear Justin get out of bed saying,"I have to get up." I roll over and nurse Jameson. He only nurses a few minutes. Afterwards I get up, get dressed, and change Jameson's diaper. We are now off schedule. This will put us off schedule for the entire day.

7:00 I get the girls some cereal. Josiah is still sleeping. He went out hunting with Dad yesterday afternoon, and they didn't get back until late. I also get Justin some granola. Super easy breakfast. I pour myself some coffee and grab my breakfast out of the refrigerator. This is what I eat in the mornings. I quickly eat, and then remember it's laundry day.  I go start some laundry.
Dad and Josiah the day before. They are getting ready to go hunting.

7:15 Josiah is awake now so I get him some breakfast. I grab Juliet, change her diaper, and get her dressed. Josiah and Jada also get dressed. Next, I make Justin's lunch and run it out to his truck. Meanwhile the kids are putting  puzzles together.
All dressed!

7:30 We all say goodbye to Dad as he heads off to work. I get Jameson dressed, change his diaper again, and lay down to nurse him. I can hear the kids through the baby monitor. They are still putting together puzzles. However, everybody must be waking up because they are becoming increasingly louder.

7:45 I finish getting ready for the day. Jameson cries when I put him in the playpen. Hopefully he will be happier on the floor

7:50 He is not happier on the floor. I give the kids a five minute warning before they have to start chores. I put Jameson in the backpack carrier. He is much happier. I start cleaning up.
This is how I look a lot during the day. (Photo by Josiah)

8:00 We all do chores together.
Juliet says, "Heaby load."
8:30 Josiah and Juliet go out side to play. Jada stays in with me and helps me. This is unusual.  I think she is eyeing the Jelly Belly's. (They get these when they do extra or I see them doing something exceptional) She did end up getting some.
He found a worm to put in the garden.

8:45 I set up school stuff and nurse Jameson. Jameson falls asleep.

9:00 We start circle time.
We set the camera on a timer, I had to hurry to get back into place. 

9:10 Jameson wakes up during circle time, so I put him in the exersauser to watch the rest of circle time.

9:20 Josiah starts his LTR program, Jada works on her preschool workbook, and Juliet colors. Jameson go in the baby carrier on my back. This arrangement has been working well for us in the mornings. I am really able to focus on working with Josiah this way.

9:50 I get everybody ready for walk. Potty, diaper check, and shoes. We go for a walk.
We had the Postmaster take this photo.

They like to stop and draw in the sand on our walks.

10:15 We arrive home from walk. Kids eat their sucker from the post office, and I nurse Jameson.

10:30 I switch laundry. I am finally able to start folding laundry.  I have to stop to nurse Jameson, he falls asleep. During this time I am able to talk to a good friend on the phone.

10:50 I do more school work with Josiah.

11:20 I help the kids pick up their rooms and fold some more clothes. I stop folding clothes, because Jada says her stomach hurts and Juliet starts to cry. Jada goes to lay down in her room while I try to figure out what the crying is about. Apparently Juliet doesn't have enough play tools to play with, even though Josiah has given most of them to her. She wants the few he is playing with. I talk to her and she stops crying.  Josiah being the sweet boy he is decides he wants to share the tools he is playing with with Juliet. He does not have to do this. He does this own his own. I go back to check on Jada, she is in her room laying down. I am starting to think she is serious not just trying to get out of cleaning her room. I grab another load of laundry. This is the last load that needs to be folded. Juliet starts to help me fold clothes.
Cleaning up toys.

Letting Juliet play with his tools.

11:45 I start lunch. It's cheese quesadillas, meanwhile Jameson starts to cry, Josiah tries to console him. That doesn't work so it's back to his favorite place, on my back. Josiah, Jada, and Juliet climb up to the table. Juliet wants the seat Jada is in and starts crying again. I put her in her own seat and serve them lunch, all is well again. Jada's tummy seems to feel better.

12:00 I put away lunch and start getting everybody ready for nap. Josiah is the first one in bed. Jada decides she needs to go potty, it's most likely why her tummy was hurting. I go get Juliet and Jameson ready for nap. I also get Josiah tucked in. I run back to check on Jada to see if she is done. She is, so I get her into bed. I go back to my room where Juliet is waiting. I lay down with both Juliet and Jameson and nurse Jameson. The house is quiet, it is nap time. 

The morning has flown by. They were such delights this morning. I really love this time in my life. Is it tiring?  Yes! Is it hard? Yes! But just look at these little cuties. I love watching Josiah helping and caring for his younger siblings. He has such patience with them. A patience that many of us could learn from. He is so eager to please and help out.

Jada is such a firecracker. I'm never quite sure what she is going to do or say. She keeps me very entertained. I have actually started a list of all her funny sayings.

Juliet is the sweetest little toddler, with her chubby little face and hands, I love it when she says hungy, and nuggle. I could just snuggle with her all day. 

Then there is Jameson, smiley little Jameson. He has just learned how to pull himself up, oh how cute it is to watch. He is so proud of himself, it is adorable. Oh boy can I get him to giggling. He is the most giggly baby out of all our babies.

 I love watching and listening to them laugh and play together. I love the hugs, the smiles, the kisses, and their cute little stories. I sure am going to miss these days.   

2:10 The kids are up. I make snack, toast. Josiah already has Farmer Boy out for me to read while they eat. I make some tea for myself and serve them toast. I read a chapter from Farmer boy. I then clean up snack. Josiah clears the table.

2:45 Jada says her tummy hurts, so she lays down on the couch. Josiah and I start his math. Juliet plays in the bedroom, and Jameson plays at my feet on the floor. After starting Josiah out in math, I check on Jada. She is up watching the tadpoles.

2:55 I stop to change diapers. Josiah and I then continue with his math.

3:04 We go over to Grammy's to pick corn.

Husking corn.

3:42 We return from picking corn.

3:45 I clean out the tadpole tank. I let the kids observe them, and hold one that just turned into a frog.

4:00 I fold more clothes while sneaking in some snuggle time with Jameson, while the kids play together in Josiah's room. 

4:25 Grammy stops by to drop off some apple peels for our chickens and ducks. She holds Jameson and plays with the kids while I put away clothes.

4:53 We start the corn. We are having leftover zucchini
 fettuccine and rolls. It is an easy dinner. The kids rinsed off the corn while I cut off any parts that had worm damage.

5:05 I go to nurse Jameson. I feel like I can kind of relax now.

5:10 I let the kids each pick out a book for me to read to them. Jada doesn't want to pick one out, so Josiah picks out two. He picks My First Classical Music Book, and Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site. Juliet picks out Clouds.

5:40 The kids go outside to play while I get dinner ready.

5:50 I call the kids in to wash hands and we sit down to eat.
I think he ate three or four ears of corn.

6:10 I start cleaning up the kitchen while the kids finish up eating. Josiah says, "I am going to have to husk my teeth after I am done eating." He kills me. He meant floss.  Jada says her tummy hurts again. So I finish up what I am doing to go snuggle with her. We snuggle while watching the others play.
Today was his first day of cruising!

6:45 Jada say she needs to go potty again. I go to nurse Jameson. He falls asleep.

6:51 Dad arrives home. I start to get his dinner ready.

7:00 Dad goes outside to play ball with Josiah. Meanwhile Jada accidentally shuts Juliet in the door. There's lots of crying. Soon everybody is better. Oh and Jada says she feels better.

7:09 Jada gets a splinter. Dad comes to the rescue. They return to play ball.

7:28 Justin and the kids come in from playing. Justin eats dinner while I get jammas ready, and kids dressed.

7:45 Kids brush teeth. I finish cleaning up the kitchen and start the dishwasher.

8:00 We put the kids to bed.

Monday, September 2, 2013


I wanted to find some tadpoles for the kids so they could watch the tadpoles turn into frogs. I never got around to finding them any, however Grampy was able to find some for us! Apparently he found some, put them in a cup, forgot about them, remembered them, thought they were dead, dumped them in the toilet, realized they weren't dead, fished them out of the toilet, and finally brought them to three very excited kids.  Now we have a bunch of little tadpoles to observe!

I had the kids create a frog mini book to help them understand the process. I found the mini book here.

 I am really hoping we have at least one tadpole make it into a frog. Some of them already have back legs, so that is good. 




All finished!

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