Monday, September 30, 2013

A Little Vacation

We decided to go to Phoenix last weekend for a little vacation. I don't know about anyone else but packing for four little ones, myself, cleaning the house while caring for the four very excited kids was not super easy for me.  I got it done though and only forgot a few things that we easily managed with out.  I packed a little surprise bag for the kids to have on the way there plus plenty of snacks. Between those things and the DVD player, the 6 hour drive (one way) there and back was surprisingly pleasant.
Our first stop, once we got there, was Butterfly Wonderland. It's America's largest butterfly atrium. I think the kids like the short 3-D film the best. Jada could hardly resist picking up the butterflies. She really wanted one to land on her, sadly it never happened. The butterflies seemed to like Justin's white hat though. He had a few of them land on it.

The next day we went to the Zoo. It turned out to be a fairly nice day. It was still hot, but there was a nice little breeze to make the heat bearable. By the time we finished, the kids were beat. I think they had a great time looking at all the animals though. After the zoo, we went back to the hotel. While everybody napped, Grammy, Jameson, and I went shopping. When we got back, Grammy and Grampy left for Mimi's house while we stayed another night. That night we took the kids mini golfing, and then we went swimming.

The next morning we left for Mimi's house, which was about an hour away. When we got there, she took the kids on a little shopping spree which the kids loved of course! She also had them paint a picture on canvas for her so she could hang their masterpieces up in the bunk room. We also did each of their hand and footprints on canvas to hang. It was a very cute idea. We did lot of visiting and playing. Best of all I got to spend lots of time with my husband.

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