Saturday, November 30, 2013

Jada's Drawing

Jada's depiction of me. I know it looks like I am getting ready to eat a baby, but she assures me I am just rocking him. It also looks like I have a bunch of legs, but it is suppose to be a chair I am sitting in. And yes in the picture she has me pregnant with four babies. She seriously kills me. I got such a chuckle out of this.


Friday, November 29, 2013

Busy, busy, busy!

We are long overdue for an update!

Josiah got to go with Dad to work for the first time. He was so excited he started a count down to the big day. Justin said he did a great job.  He really is a hard worker. We have also been plugging along on his school work. Josiah is still enjoying doing his school work and his reading skills are improving!

Jada is picking up a lot just by listening. A while back I was working with Josiah on a story problem when all the sudden Jada blurts out the correct answer. It was quite shocking. She is such a ball of energy. I think she has more energy than the  other three kids put together. There is never a dull moment with her. Recently she developed a bump on he eye lid. We thought it was a stye, but it wasn't going away and it was getting worse. Our doctor looked at it and said it would be best to have it looked at by an eye doctor. So we are waiting for her eye doctor appointment to try and get it fixed up.

Juliet is starting to talk a lot more. She is the latest talker out of the three of them. Her smile kills me. I just love it. She has figured out how to climb in and out of her crib, she is so proud of herself. She is also at the point where she wants to do everything all by herself.

Jameson is now standing up on his own! He hasn't taken any steps yet, but I figure he will in the next
week or two. He loves it when we tickle his ribs. He is quite the little giggler. His most recent
achievement is trying to hop while crawling. Trust me when I say it is the cutest thing to watch.

My Mom and Randy were able to come down for a visit. The kids had such a blast with them. We
went for lots of walks, had lots of Lego time with Grandpa, and lots of snuggles. We were also able to get to the aquarium with them. My grandma and one of my best friends, and her little boy came too.

It's always sad when it's time for everybody to leave.

We just got done celebrating Thanksgiving. In the days leading up to thanksgiving we read If You Were at the First Thanksgiving, which Josiah really enjoyed. I even learned a few things.  We also made Indian and Pilgrim hats. On the day of Thanksgiving we arranged a treasure hunt for the kids. It was a big hit. We also made these. You write down what you are thankful for on wax paper, roll it up in a crescent roll then baked it. When people break it open, they try and guess who wrote it.  I thought this might be a little silly, but I am really glad we made them. the kids loved it when someone read theirs. The kids answers were so sweet and innocent. For example one of them said they were thankful for snow falling from the sky. We ended the day with the kids having little races.

I'm having some issues with blogger. I will post more photos when I can.
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