Saturday, December 14, 2013

Jada versus The Chalazion

About two months ago we noticed a red bump on Jada's eyelid. We figured it was a stye and would clear up in a few days with the use of a warm compresses. Two weeks went by and it began to look worse. Our doctor looked at it and said that it looked like a chalazion and that we should have it looked at by an eye doctor.
We were finally able to get her into the eye doctor yesterday. We had to make the appointment in the city three hours away.  So we all woke up bright and early Friday morning, got the kids ready and headed off to the city. It was an uneventful trip getting there. The kids are accustomed to riding in the car for long periods of time, because we live so far away from every thing.  We do have one child that hates riding in the car, but she did very well this trip. They all did well. 
As soon as we got into town, we had to stop by a store to drop off our old dishwasher. While there, Auntie Seana met us to drop off some adorable clothes she bought for the kids. The kids where thrilled to see her.  Next stop was the eye doctor. It was our first time at this particular eye doctor, and it turned out to be a very pleasant experience. They were very kid friendly. Justin went in with Jada while I stayed out with the rest of the kids. The eye doctor confirmed it was a chalazion and said it looked like it was on its way out and was very optimistic that the antibiotic ointment would clear it up. We have an appointment in a month to make sure it clears up. 
We finished up our long day trip by going to a new store in town and then grocery shopping. All the kids fell asleep on the way home. We retured home at about 8:00, and the three oldest kids went right to sleep. Jameson, on the other hand, was wide awake bouncing off the walls for the next two hours. He was hilarious. 
This morning I was looking at Jada's eye and noticed another stye or chalazion forming.

This is about two weeks after it appeared.

This is the inside of her eye lid at about two weeks after the chalazion appeared.

This is almost two months later. You can't see it on the inside of her eye lid anymore, however if you look towards the inside corner of her eye you can see another one developing.

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