Saturday, December 14, 2013

Night Time Cloth Diapers

I have found that by using a microfiber insert combined with a hemp insert to be a great night time go to diaper. I stuff a BG 4.0 with both inserts making sure the micro insert is on top of the hemp insert. The reason for this is that the micro fiber absorbs more quickly than hemp, but hemp can hold quite a bit of liquid. Using a hemp inserts really cuts down on the bulkyness. I have also used the organic flip insert, which works nicely also.
BumGenius 4.0.      Micro fiber insert.      Baby Kicks Hemparoo Joey Bunz.

Bum Genius 4.0.     Flip Organic Insert.

When I just had cloth diaper covers and no hemp inserts I used a flip cover with two stay dry inserts. That worked well too.
Flip diaper cover.      Flip Stay Dry inserts.

If you are a hard core cloth diaper person you might want to stop reading now. I am going to tell you what I use at night now that I have been doing this for a few years. Ready? I slap a disposable on them. (gasp) The horror! That's right, I said it!
Honestly, I was tired of the occasional leaks and trying to remove the strong ammonia smell from the overnight diapers. It really was a relief when I started doing this. Please don't feel guilty if you feel you have to do this too. If you decide you love cloth diapering at night, that is wonderful too.
Hope this helps.

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