Saturday, January 11, 2014

Colds, Cats, and a Celebration.

The kids are finally getting over their colds. They still have a bit of a cough left, but nothing like is was a few days ago. There were a couple of nights were the kids couldn't sleep because they were coughing so much. During some of the coughing fits the kids had a hard time catching their breath. Thankfully Jameson never developed the bad cough, probably because he is still nursing, a lot. We were able to get the kids some medicine that helped them sleep at night. Now everyone is on the mend.

A few days ago we notices Jada's cat acting strange. She wasn't eating or drinking and she was hiding in our shower. The first day we noticed we figured maybe she got bit by a spider or something. Then after a day or two of no improvement we started to think she was not going to get better.  I thought back to when I first noticed she was acting weird and remembered that she threw up some of Jada and Juliet's flooring. Then we thought maybe she had a blockage. I finally called a wonderful vet, and he said that he would take a look at her. He ended up having to do surgery on her to remove a huge chunck of flooring lodged in her intestine. If it wasn't for Jada loving this cat so much, this story would have had a different ending.

This is what was lodged inside her.

Our little Jada bean turned four on December 31st. Justin and I usually make a cake together, but this year we weren't able to. So we got her an icecream cake and decorated it with Cars decorations. She really wanted a Cars cake. For dinner she choose fried chicken, mashed potatoes, gravey and corn. Grammy and Grampy came over for dinner and presents. She recieved baby dolls and baby doll accessories. Whenever we would tell her Happy Birthday during the day she would reply with a sweet little thank you. I just loved the way she said it.  Jada is entertaining, funny, and a joy to have. I love being her mama.
This is one of Jada's new baby dolls.

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