Saturday, March 8, 2014

Sunny Days

The weather has been fairly nice lately, which means lots of playing out side! Josiah spotted this rainbow. It was directly above us. 

Jameson loves swinging.

Josiah loves hauling Jameson around in their wagon. He even picks him up to put him in the wagon. Jameson thinks it's a blast. When Jameson wants to go outside he finds his shoes and bring them to me. It's so cute how could I possibly say no.
I caught them filling up their water cups and taking them outside to mix with dirt so they could play in the mud, and play in the mug they did. Juliet and Jada required a shower afterwards. Jada has been able to find a few caterpillars that are still alive. She loves them! At night when I ask her what her favorite part of the day was she says, "Finding my caterpiller!"
Juliet has been collecting rocks. She calls them her special rocks. She put her hoodie on backwards the other day and was delighted that she could put rocks in the hood and carry them around in her newly found "pocket". 
Josiah has been working hard at digging giant holes in the dirt. I completely underestimated how deep he could dig a hole. He absolutely loves being out side.

Josiah fell off his chair and hit his lip on the table. He received a big fat lip. Poor guy.

Jada and Juliet are loving being together. I caught them snuggled up in Jada's bed together.
It's so hard to get Jada to take a serious picture.

That's better!

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