Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Museum and a Makeover!

Jada and Juliet are in need of bigger beds. We ordered them bunk beds online and decided that this would be a good time to replace the flooring in their room and paint the walls. So we planned a trip to town. While there we met up with my mom and brother. The kids are really into dinosours so we also planned a trip to the museum. 
We left Friday afternoon and stayed the night in a hotel. Always a fun time for the kids. Jada absolutey loves hotels. The next morning we met up with my mom and brother at the museum. The kids were so excited to see the dinosaur bones. Josiah and Jada were naming dinosaurs left and right. Early on I question whether Josiah was accurate on one of the dinosaurs he named, and when I went to check I realized he was right again. That was he last time I verbally question whether he was right. It was incredible. They learned all the names of the dinosaurs from Dinosaur Train.
The observatory was open so we all got a chance to look at the sun through the museum's powerful telescope! That was really neat, probably more so for the adults than the kids.
The museum also had a temporary exhibit called "Grossology: The Impolight Sciece of the Human Body."
The Grossology exhibit had a "rock" wall that the kids could scale across, which was Josiah and Jada's favorite part. Juliet's favorite part was the area where you could recreate tooting noises. They had a great time at the museum.
After the museum, went to eat at Tim's Place! If you are in need of a hug Tim's Place is the place to go! Then we went to the store to get supplies for the girls' room. They wanted pink walls, but they already have a lot of pink in their room. So we went with a light purple. It was a packed weekend, but fun!
Too excited to hold still for the picture!

Making animal footprints with Grandma!

Oh Jada, silly bean.

Looked what hatched!

It's hard to get them to line up perfectly. This is good enough!

The talking faucet freaked them out a bit.

Operation with Grandpa Uncle Paul!

The places that you grab on to are things like a wart, a pimple, a scab etc.

Looking at the sun!

You pump the handle to get the big guy to drink which makes him burp.

 The tooting exhibit. A fun time had by all!

All tired out!

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