Thursday, May 8, 2014

Garden Time!

This week we prepared our garden for planting. We added some more nutrients to the soil, and Justin tilled it. This will be our fourth year having our own garden, and every year the garden does better and better. The garden is all planned out and ready to be planted. Jada saw a picture of an eggplant and decided that's what she wanted to plant. Josiah is all about the corn! If we planted the whole garden full of corn, he would be one happy boy. He loves corn. Jada was so excited to find a few sunflower seeds on the ground, and even more excited when she got to plant them. We also planted some boxwoods, hydrangeas, iris, rose bushes and a few sunflower seeds. We are getting excited for summer time!
This picture has nothing to do with the post I just wrote, however I think it is too cute not to share. Whenever Jameson sees Josiah sitting in the recliner, he hurries over to him just to sit with him.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

We're Still Here!

It's been a while since my last post! I really like to try to keep this updated not only for our own little memory journal, but also for family members that don't live close to us. However, I have done a terrible job at that lately. It's my goal to try to keep up with this blog better.
Anyway on to more exciting things. The weather started turning nice, and it was wonderful to get outside. The kids can spend all day playing outside. They just love it, but then it snowed and now it's cold again. :( During the little snow storm we had, we got to witness lightning and thunder. This was a first for the kids and me!

Earlier this month Josiah got to "help" Dad pour concrete! He loves going to work with his dad! Josiah is quite the hard worker. It is in his personality. He thrives on work.  I just started a new chore system with the kids and Josiah loves it. When he starts doing his chores, he means business. I hope to write a post on the chore system soon. The system we use is called Managers of their Chores.

Jada's old cat ended up dying so we got her another one. She seems to love this kitty as much as the last. However, she is scared that something might happen to it. So she doesn't even like to let the kitty go outside, for fear it may get ran over or something equally devastating.
Lately Jada keeps asking for a baby sister. She asked for one for her birthday. She can't understand why we can't just go buy her one. 

Juliet is such a sweet little girl. If you ever need a snuggle, she is your girl. Thus far she has been what we like to call, "Our low maintenance child." She is easygoing and has a sweet personality. She loves playing with her big sister, and holding Jameson's hand to lead him around.

Jameson is all over the place! He's not really talking yet, but he is into everything. He is also very quiet when he is getting into mischief. If I don't hear him I better see what he is doing.  He loves throwing anything and everything into the toilet. He quick about it too. He also thinks it's hilarious to make his siblings scream. He really thinks they are playing with him, so the more he makes them scream the funnier it is to him. 

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