Thursday, May 8, 2014

Garden Time!

This week we prepared our garden for planting. We added some more nutrients to the soil, and Justin tilled it. This will be our fourth year having our own garden, and every year the garden does better and better. The garden is all planned out and ready to be planted. Jada saw a picture of an eggplant and decided that's what she wanted to plant. Josiah is all about the corn! If we planted the whole garden full of corn, he would be one happy boy. He loves corn. Jada was so excited to find a few sunflower seeds on the ground, and even more excited when she got to plant them. We also planted some boxwoods, hydrangeas, iris, rose bushes and a few sunflower seeds. We are getting excited for summer time!
This picture has nothing to do with the post I just wrote, however I think it is too cute not to share. Whenever Jameson sees Josiah sitting in the recliner, he hurries over to him just to sit with him.

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