Monday, June 9, 2014

Christian Light Education Update

This school year went well. I learned a few things about how Josiah learns, and I know Josiah learned a lot! We are still working on first grade. I didn't want to push him too hard this year, so we ended up doing half lessons for LTR. We are going to keep schooling through the summer. We will take Fridays off for sure. If it seems like he needs a break,  then we will still be able to take one. I think, at this point, schooling through the summer is the best way for us to go. I still really like Christian Light for the core subjects; Reading, LA, and Math.  Josiah loves completing each Light Unit and being able to start fresh with a new one. This year for History and Science I have been reading books in those areas to the kids. We ended up not doing anything formal. I will start Apologia science in the fall. Josiah loves, loves, loves listening to me read. So I think for history I will do a Charlotte Mason approach for him.  One thing I have learned about Josiah is that he has to have absolute silence in order to concentrate. So he now does his school work in my room at my desk, while Jada and Juliet play in their room.

Jada will occasionally work on Christian Light's KII curriculum. I let her work on it whenever she asks. She is still young so I'm not worried about her completing it in a certain time frame. We still do circle time, usually not everyday though. I still love being able to spend this time with the kids. 

Read my original review of Christian Light Education here.


  1. I'm glad you've found CLE to be a great fit! We are starting our first year homeschooling and will be using CLE as well. I've been perusing the internet looking for personal CLE stories and came across your blog. Question-when you had your son tested, was it informal (did you test and evaluate the results yourself?) or did you have to have the results evaluated and reviewed by a formal teacher. Thanks for your help!

  2. Hi! Thank you for stopping by! CLE has an academic readiness test for first grade. That is what I used. You can find it here


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