Saturday, July 26, 2014

Summer Update!

We have been keeping busy this summer taking care of the garden, flowers and lots of outside playtime. Justin has been working out of town off an on this month, so it was a tiring busy month. 

Food from the garden! Zucchini Alfredo (the zucchini is from the garden) beans, carrots, and salad all from the garden. It's was our first meal full of food from the garden! 

Flowers from our yard.

Josiah is getting so big! He has his very first loose tooth! He has been helping pull weeds in the garden and playing a lot with Jameson. He loves pulling Jameson around in a wagon, pushing him on the swing and helping him go down the slide. It's so sweet. He also loves drawing and playing with
his Legos. He has created some pretty impressive things. We have also been doing school work at least twice a week this summer.

He loves pushing Jameson around the yard.

Such a sweet big brother.

A picture Josiah drew of the job site Justin is working on. We went to visit them one day, and when we got home he sat down and started drawing what he remembered from the job site.  He sure misses his dad when he's gone.

Jada is going crazy over all the bugs! She has a huge collection. She spends a good part of the day finding them. She is our early bird, so if I let her, she would be outside searching for bugs at 5:30 am. 
She has been trying to catch lizards all summer long, but they have alluded her thus far. Also the two we had living in our yard, the cat caught and killed. I have no doubt she will be able to find another one and eventually catch it. 

I love this picture of Jada.

They love being together! They have grasshoppers in their hands.

Juliet, easygoing Juliet. She has a very relaxed personality. She still loves to cuddle and watch everything that is happening. She is Jada's little sidekick. They are always together, and don't often fight. I really think it has to do with their personalities. (However, Jameson is her nemesis.) She helps Jada catch all sorts of bugs, I think her favorite is the moth. She likes to hold on to the moth and touch people with it and say, " Tickle, tickle" at which point the little legs of the moth flail about tickling the person. It's hysterical. Not for the moth though. 

At the hotel.

It was early one morning when Jada asked me if I could come take a picture of them. If you notice they have the baby doll buckled in too.

Jameson has so much energy! I can not take my eyes off him for a second. Keeping him out of mischief is literally a full time job. He is just so curious about everything, and oh boy can he climb. I use to put things I didn't want him to get on top of the refrigerator, but he has found out how to reach the top of the refrigerator. He is our most active child. I am so glad it's summer time so he can have lots of outside time. Already he is such a big helper. If he sees I might need something he goes and gets it for me. For example, if I grab the broom to start sweeping he is all over the dust pan. It's actually really neat to see the kind of initiative he takes at this young of age. 
Happy, mischievous boy.

In other big news, we thought were were done getting pregnant. We were mistaken. We knew we were going to have more kids via adoption which we are still planning on doing, but we didn't know we were going to have anymore the traditional way. We are very excited for this new little one. I will be 11 weeks on Tuesday. Josiah likes listening to the baby's heartbeat on the doppler. It was one of the first things he ask me about when he found out we were having another baby.  Jada is gitty with excitement. I almost hope the baby is a girl just for her. She is always touching my belly, talking to the baby, and asking about the baby. She really wants the baby to be a little girl. Juliet also thinks the baby is going to be a girl, but I think only because Jada thinks that. This one will be the tie breaker. Both girls think the baby is a girl and the boys think the baby is a boy. We shall see. 

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