Sunday, August 31, 2014

15 Week Update

I'm a little late with this update considering I will be 16 weeks on Tuesday. The Friday before last Jada came down with a fever.  We had a hard time keeping the fever down. We never could get it to break, even switching between ibuprofen and Tylenol.  She also developed a sore throat, a headache, and lack of appetite. There were no other cold symptoms. I took her in to see the Dr. that next Tuesday. Her glands were swollen and she had white on her tonsils. He did a strep test, and it came out negative. So we went home with the diagnosis of Viral Pharyngitis. Her fever didn't break until that Friday, at which point she still couldn't eat much, because now her throat, mouth and gums hurt. Her gums were super swollen, she had bad breath, and when I looked, she had sores in her mouth.  All the symptoms pointed towards a first cold sore. That would make sense as to why the fever lasted so long. I think part of the fever was from the pharyngitis, and part of it was from the cold sore. First cold sores are really painful for the child, it's not like a sore one would get on their lip. It affects the entire mouth and can cause high grade fevers. :( Today the swelling in her gums have gone down quite a bit, and the sores in her mouth are looking better. It's still painful for her to eat certain foods, but it's getting better. Poor girl. Nobody else is showing any symptoms like Jada had. 

On Friday I had a prenatal appointment and ultrasound. Everything looks good and the sub chorionic hemorrhage is completely gone. This whole first part of the pregnancy I really felt like I was carrying a girl (I think maybe it was wishful thinking, only because girls are easier for me to deliver). The technition was able to tell right away that we are having a boy! The girls are now outnumbered! Poor Jada was really looking forward to a girl. She took it well though. We were planning on naming him Jackson Lee, but we heard that a lot of people are naming their boys Jackson. So we may change the first name to something else. This little guy is going to fit in just perfectly. We are all super excited!

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