Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Josiah vs The Loose Tooth

Recently Josiah developed his first loose tooth. We watch as it became more and more wiggly. We were wondering just when it was going to come out. Justin tried to convince Josiah to let him pull it, but Josiah didn't think that was a good idea. While we were outside watching the kids play, Josiah rode his bike over a ramp he built. He crashed upon landing. We saw him sitting there looking at the ground, but he wasn't crying so we decided to give him a minute. I watched as he started scratching around in the dirt. Finally he got up and came over to me. I told him that I though he should take a little break, but he didn't say anything he just stood there. I looked closely and realized he had a little blood in his mouth, and then saw he had his hand extended towrd me with something in it. I realized he had finally lost his tooth! His tooth was all covered in dirt, but he had found it all by himself! When he crashed, his chin hit his handle bar causing his tooth to come out.  We were all very excited for him!

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