Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Jameson The Little Helper

Jameson is a very active little boy, but he is also very helpful. If he seems something that needs to be done, he does it. He takes clothes to the laundry, helps unload the dishwasher, helps sweep, pick up toys, and hand me things he thinks I will need. He is a go getter. I love watching him just start helping or getting somebody something he thinks they will need.

Jameson has realy taken to Jada. Jada loves mothering him. She likes to get him dressed, put on his shoes, hold his hand, and take him out side. She shows him all the little creatures she finds and loves pushing him on the swing. Whenever we walk to the post office, Jameson does not want to hold my hand, but he will happily hold Jada's hand.  

Jameson loves giving kisses and giving hugs. He will not be left out if he see someone getting a hug or kiss. He is so sweet that way. He is also very giggly. It does not take much to get him going. He is probably the easiest to get to giggle. He also loves playing peek a boo with Grandma over FaceTime. He will hide his little head, pop up, and say boo. Grandma will then act scared, at which point Jameson will cover his mouth with his little hands and start laughing. It is so cute to watch.

 Jameson usually wakes up between five and six and doesn't stop until noon. He then wakes up at about two and continues on until seven. So far he has been the easiest to put down at night at this age. If he even hears me metion that I'm getting ready to put him to bed, he start waving at everybody saying nigh nigh. He then proceeds to the bedroom to wait for me. I will lay down with him on the bottom buck for a bit, then move him to the crib. I could probably put him directly into the crib, but I like the quiet time with him.

For Juliet's birthday, we got her a toy cat that meows and moves it's feet. Jameson has staked claim to that cat. He sleeps with it and carries it around with him. We are probably going to have to purchase another one for Juliet. It's the only toy he really likes. 

Jameson definitely keeps me on my toes!

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