Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Juliet The Peacemaker

I think the reason Jada and Juliet get along so well is because of their personalities. If we had two girls with Jada's personality, the fighting would never end. Juliet is very easygoing. She doesn't mind sharing, even if it means everybody else gets a bunch of toys, and she only gets one. She is up for playing whenever the other kids want to play, and whatever they want to play. Well except for Jameson, he is too wild for her. I really have to watch because the older two kids, or they will take advantage of her generosity. She will occasionally be selfish with the toys, but it's not often, and I can understand where she is coming from.
I love that even as she gets older she still likes to snuggle. She is my little snuggle bug.
I also love when she goes to throw food out to the chickens and ducks she yells, "Here Duckens!"
Last week as Josiah was getting ready to go hunting and getting dressed in his camo, Juliet's pipes up and says that she wants to wear and "Elk" hat too. What she meant was she wanted a camo hat too!

When her Auntie Seana heard about her wanting an "Elk" hat, she went out and bought her some "Elk" clothes. It was so sweet.

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