Thursday, November 27, 2014

28 Week Update

We have been busy preparing for Thanksgiving. We had our annual treasure hunt and special rolls with thankful notes hidden inside. It was a really nice day. It made my heart happy. Everyone had a great time. The kids said their favorite part was the treasure hunt. Justin's favorite part was the nice long nap. My favorite part was when Justin and I were in the kitchen cooking, and the kids were at the table coloring.

I went back to the Dr. The other day. My cough started to worsen again. Not only do I have a cough but my ribs are in some serious pain. I'm only able to sleep in one position. The Dr. prescribed me some more medicine. I have never taken this much medicine in all my pregnancies combined. It really freaks me out. The cough is starting to subside a bit. My ribs are still hurting, but they are not quite as bad. On a good note my back is doing well right now! Jada has been waiting patiently to feel Jackson move. He is most active at night so she hasn't been able to feel him, until the other day. She was so happy to be able to feel him move. It was really sweet.

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