Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A Little Get Away

A month or so ago we were able to go on a little get away with the kids for a few days. We just went to a city a few hours away. It was a much needed get away. I planned as many fun things as I could, and I think everybody had a lot of fun.

As soon as we got into the city, Justin and I had a few errands we needed to run. As soon as we were done, we headed to the hotel. The excitement was brutal. We managed to get checked in and our many pieces of luggage, and kids hauled up to the room. After we were settled, we headed to Chucky Cheese. This was the kids first time there! We were met by two of the cousins. That was very helpful! We ate the mediocre pizza and were off to play games. A nice gentleman and his son gave us all their tokens when they left. It was a huge amount of tokens, so we ended up not purchasing very many tokens. Between all the tickets the cousins and kids won, each little one was able to get a prize. The kids had a blast!

After a long night at the hotel, next up was the zoo and aquarium. We arrived at the zoo first but ended up taking the train over to the aquarium to view it first. The aquarium was nearly empty. It was so nice. The kids enjoyed looking at all the different exhibits. We went ahead and ate lunch there before heading back to the zoo on the train.

By the time we arrived back at the zoo, I was starting to loose steam. I know the kids were too.  We may have skipped a few exhibits. We made sure to view all the kids favorites though. After touring the zoo, we piled into the car and drove around a bit until dinner time. All the kids fell asleep right away. I may have too. We met up with Auntie and the cousins for dinner, then headed back to the hotel for another long night.

The next morning we headed to a fun place that had tons of harvest activities for the kids. We again met up with Auntie and the cousins. It always more fun when Auntie is there.  I will say the rest in pictures.
We had a really nice time!

I really thought I took more photos than I did, so these will just have to work.

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