Saturday, December 20, 2014

31-32 Week Update

We recieved some more snow! It's always exciting for the kids. It was really cold this time, so they didn't stay out for very long. As usual Jameson did not like the cold and was ready to come in right away. The others stayed out for a bit longer. 

When Jameson and I finally made it outside they were all gathered around the picnic table eating snow!

We also had a visiter. My cousin came to visit us. The kids had a blast with her. They kept her busy reading books and playing hide and seek. It was very nice having her visit. We are looking forward to her next visit.

I will be 32 weeks on Tuesday and am feeling ready to be done with this pregnancy. I am feeling much better than I was. The cough is almost completely gone. I'm so happy to be feeling well again. Besides the vericose veins running a muck on my leg, I'm mostly just feeling exausted. The aches and pains don't feel as bad as they have in previous pregnancies though! 

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