Saturday, December 27, 2014

Birds, Bugs and Babies - Happy Birthday Jada!!!

Jada is turning five this year! How time flies. 
Birds, bugs, and babies are three of Jada's favorite things. I might add that she also loves cats. I always think she is older than she really is, because she acts so much older. When she was really tiny she was talking in sentences and potty trained at 15 months. She talked so well I was always forgetting just how young she really was. She is our constant source of entertainment. On our trips into town she is usually serenading us on the way. Some of the things she says is just hilarious, and I always wonder how she come up with it. 

I love the look on Jadas face. Looking at Jameson!

One night, after we put the kids to bed, we were listening to Jada and Juliet throught the monitor. We heard Jada say something to Juliet about protecting the cats from Jameson. Then she tells her if he does get the cat and kills it that it would be OK because, "That's just the way the world goes." 

Poor Juliet must have been horrified. 

When Jada was three, we were riding into town and out of nowhere Jada says, "PU I am stinky!"

Apparently she had tooted. 

Two years ago Josiah walked into our room and told us that someone had written on the mirror with marker, and he thought it was either Jada or Juliet. With out missing a beat Jada exclaims, "Mmmhmmm that's right, it was me!"

At least she was honest about it.

About two years ago, we were in town getting ready to head back home. Back then I would put a pull up on her just in case she fell alseep and had an accident. Anyway we told her we thought she would take a nap on the way back home. She exclaimed, "Oh no, I don't have a pull up on.....well that's awkward!"

It was hilarious.

When I was pregnant with Jameson, my mom came to visit and help out. Jada asked Grandma if she would play with her. Grandma said that she couldn't right now, because she had to keep an eye on Juliet. Jada asked, "Which eye Grandma?"

There are a lot more. Some of which I have forgotten, and some I will keep hidden away in a journal so I don't embarrass her too much. 

Jada loves babies. She asked for a baby that pees and poos for her birthday, so that she can practice changing its diaper. That way she will be ready for Jackson when he comes. She loves babying Jameson and Juliet. She loves picking out clothes for Jameson to wear and then dressing him. 
She loves feeling Jackson move around in my tummy. She is always coming up to my tummy to see if he is awake and moving around. She will also give my tummy kisses and talk to Jackson. It is really sweet.


We love her so much!!! Happy Birthday Jada!!!

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