Friday, January 16, 2015

Jameson Turns Two!

Jameson makes life very exciting. He is smart and very active. He just has to watch you do something once and he is ready to try it himself. He will keep trying until he succeds. It is dangerous to underestimate him.
Last week I walked into our room to find Jameson up on our dresser frantically shoving Tums into his mouth. Not only were his little cheeks stuffed full, but he also had a hand full. Poison control assured me he would be fine, right after chuckling about what happened. 
He loves to vacccum. Our big vacuum was just too big for him so we got him a smaller vacccum for his birthday. He loves it! He is such a little helper. He is still similar to Josiah in that aspect. He is still not talking yet, but he is smart! He keeps us busy and entertained. 

He let Josiah dress him!

Friday, January 2, 2015

Eight Years Ago

Eight years ago I married the man of my dreams. He is an amazing father and husband.  He is one of the hardest working people I know.  He still makes me laugh, and he is also super good looking. When he comes home from a long day at work, he sits and listens to the kids. He makes sure they all receive attention. If one of them is sick at night, he is usually the one to stay up with said child. If they are throwing up, he is always the one to stay up with the child. He's makes sure our needs come before his, and you won't hear him complaining. He is the love of my life.

I met the love of my life at a church we were both attending. When we first met, he thought I was too young for him. I was 23 but looked younger than that to him. He still remembers the outfit I was wearing the day we met.
After a few months of  getting to know each other, we started dating.
Two weeks after we started dating I knew he was the one I was going to marry.  Justin knew he was going to marry me when we started dating.  He wasn't going to just date me.  He was dating me, because he knew he was going to marry me.  Six months later we were engaged! Five months after that we were married! 

Here we are dating on the Fourth of July.

Wedding Day!

Here we are with Josiah!

Josiah, Jada and I'm pregnant with Juliet here.

Josiah, Jada, Juliet, and I'm pregnant with Jameson here.

Josiah, Jada, Juliet, Jameson, and I'm pregnant with Jackson here. I didn't know I was pregnant at the time, but I had a sneaking suspiction.

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