Saturday, February 21, 2015


We are back to our regular routine. We started school back up with Josiah. He is doing really well. He flies through Reading, LA, and Math without any breaks. Math is his favorite of the three. He can do most of his math lesson independantly. Last week he got to go to work with Dad. He LOVES being with his dad. He also loves hard work. Justin was only going to take him one day, but ended up taking him two days because Josiah really wanted to go back with him.

Jada loves baby Jackson. She loves all things baby. She is a mini me. She likes to help out with anything having to do with Jackson. She is so sweet with him. Her personality countnues to develop every day. She has become extremely sensitive. If she thinks she is getting in trouble and your voice is a little bit raised she starts crying the saddest cry. When she thought our fish were going to die she was distraught. She has been "caring" for a caterpiller outside, making sure it has food and trying to keep it safe outside. We try to be as gentle with her as possible when it come to disciple now. 
 Even though she is still pretty wild right now, she has such a sweetness about her. 

Juliet is my little sidekick. She loves being with me. Sometimes when the other kids are outside, she will come in just to snuggle with me. She is such a love bug. She is also very tactile. She loves to feel everything. She plays with my hair quite a bit. It's so sweet. She is still the "easiest" child. If she was our one and only child I would think we were the best parents ever! She is just easy going, and oh so sweet. Her only nemesis is Jameson.

Jameson is the complete opposite of Juliet. He's wild! So so wild! He can climb like you wouldn't believe. I try to tell people not to underestimate him. He learns very quickly and can remember something  after only seeing it once or twice. He likes things to be a certain way and if they are not he gets upset. He keeps us on our toes. He loves, loves, loves water. Ever time I turn around he is running the water in the sink filling up a cup or flooding the bathroom. I think we will get a sand and water table for him this summer. I'm hoping that will tame his love of water. Jameson is the belly laugher of the family. It is hilarious. He is so ticklish. We love hearing his laugh. It kills us! None of the other kids laughed like he does. He also has the biggest smile. It's so cute when you tell him to look at the camera and say cheese. Jameson is super helpful. If he sees someone needs help or something needs to be done he is the first there. He loves helping haul in wood. He also loves vacuuming. I think he is going to be a very hard worker. 

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